An application for Veterinary Pathology students at UGA.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been accepted to the Veterinary College at the University of Georgia!

Your first class is Introduction to Pathology.. This is going to be tough! How will you study? How will you pass the class? How will you succeed?

You’re in luck!

The students over at the New Media Institute are working on a brand new app called StudyBug! The app will aid you in your studies, and you’re sure to get an A! StudyBug coming soon…


What do students currently use to study?

Well.. There’s this e-book, and there are web lessons. They’re not exactly tech-savvy, and they can be difficult to use. Interactivity is lacking as well. Students need an engaging way to study this stuff; there are a lot of technical terms and complicated concepts that can’t simply be memorized.

This is where we come in!

We are building a companion app, StudyBug. It will serve as a complementary tool for the e-book, and it will engage students in their learning experience.

StudyBug’s History:

StudyBug has a small history thus far. It hasn’t even really been born yet, only conceptualized! It’s name, however, started with a white board and the creators. Thinking words like “vet,” “pathology,” “students,” and “help,” we were stumped on what to call our project. StudyBug came to Adiel. Yes, the app will be used by students to study their pathology material. And what is pathology? It’s the study of diseases. We all know what a bug is. Well yes a small insect, but also an illness that we catch this time of year! StudyBug, we think, is the catchiest name to achieve our branding goals and one which displays the purpose of our app!


  • Dr. Corrie Brown DVM, PhD, DACVP
  • Dr. K. Paige Carmichael DVM, PhD, DACVP


  • Jim Moore DVM, PhD, Dip ACVS (Graphics and 3-D capabilities)

What lies ahead:

An incredible and educational app lies ahead! Our primary goal for this project is to create an aesthetically pleasing tech-companion to make studying easier and more engaging. We would like to see key term flashcards, quizzes, games, and other activities to get students interacting with the material. We would like for each section of the book to have a corresponding study review. StudyBug will be easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

We’ve done our RESEARCH!

We have completed a good deal of research in a variety of areas that might affect our project. We’ve investigated multiple apps that might influence and provide as inspiration for StudyBug.

Biology E-Book and Quiz application for Androids

We’ve found that incorporating quizzes from the e-book will be effective for students so as to give users an opportunity to assess themselves throughout studying. A fine example of this feature can be found on the Biology E-book and Quiz app for Androids.

Duolingo app

We also found through our research that most successful apps can be used on a variety of platforms and on multiple types of devices. With regards to one of our major focuses, interaction, apps like Duolingo showed us that games and achievement badges can boost user interactivity.

The Merck Veterinary Manual app

Finally, we took a look at various other applications designed for veterinary students. We found that imagery provides a helpful guide for students. The Merck Veterinary Manual comes with fully colored images and audio/video examples of hundreds of different diseases.

Our take on TECHNOLOGY

Imagine an IOS application. One which is compatible with both mobile and tablet devices. One which gives users the ability to study information with flashcards, quizzes, video tutorials, and modeling graphics. Plus, it’s customizable! Students can select and de-select sections of the e-book which they wish to focus on more or less. Finally, (satisfying our overarching goal of creatively helping you effectively learn the difficult material), StudyBug will be interactive. You can track your progress and receive feedback on which sections you have excelled in and which you should revisit. Consider this your initial step to success!

We have a PLAN!

This is about more than designing and creating a wonderfully-made app. This is about aiding our peers in their veterinary studies. If anyone would know what helps a student succeed, we would! We face our own challenges in our respective fields of study, and we know the frustrations of dense e-books and online programs. Educational. Simplistic. Extraordinary. THAT is what we are aiming to create.

StudyBug isn’t for us, though, and we aren’t experts in the veterinary sector. So we want to make sure we get this right. Dr. Brown and Dr. Carmichael, our two primary points of client contact, will be our go-to’s. We’ve had a successful initial meeting with the pair, and we plan to have several more meetings in the future so that we can best understand what is needed and wanted in the app. Additionally, we plan to meet with Jim Moore to help us achieve a professional level of graphic content for the application.

The biggest CHALLENGE we foresee in our future is time. To be sure we don’t fall behind, we have built a schedule to follow. Tech-difficulties and design hurdles can be resolved quicker than content error and procrastination. Advanced planning is key, and we hope to remain ahead of schedule for the duration of the semester.

The GOAL is simple. We will strive to create a useful, yet wonderfully-designed app. It will achieve the goals of our client, and it will aid veterinary students in studying for their pathology course. It will show off our tech, design, and content creation skills. It will be delivered in an organized package of StudyBug itself, a demonstrative website, promotional materials, and an entertaining trailer. And it will all be completed by the final showcase day of SLAM!


(Week of:)

January 29: Further team’s understanding and knowledge of project. Contact Jim Moore after a full application plan has been decided upon. Technology and concept plan finalized by the end of the week. Send project plan to client for feedback.

Project presentations and project plans due on Thursday, 2/2.

February 7: Brainstorm wireframe and website. Begin rough drafts of both. Create task assignments for team members. Continue content- and tech-think for StudyBug.

February 9: Work on wireframe and website.

February 14: Have initial draft of wireframe running. Have website up and running. Create wireframe presentation.

February 16: Work on wireframe and website. Team check-in. Rehearse presentation.

Have final draft of wireframe done for feedback.

February 21: Presentations are this week! Continue fine-tuning and rehearsing presentations. Wireframe, website, and presentation should be completed at the end of the week. Send all 3 to client and receive feedback. Don’t forget peer evals!

Plan assignment due which includes wireframe, early draft of website, first round of peer evaluations.

February 23: Prototype presentations continue. Has client responded?

February 28: Adiel & Whitney will begin work on functioning app. Emily begins usable design for app. Elizabeth begin gathering content needed from clients. Create task assignments for Project Beta. Client contact.

March 2: Continue work on functioning app; all parts.

March 5: SPRING BREAK! Any necessary work can be completed remotely.

March 14: Collaborate week. Bring the tech, design, and content together to create a running draft of StudyBug. The app should function as we would like to see it presented at SLAM. Send to client.

March 16: Continue working on individual and collaborating.

March 21: Write blog post. Continue fine-tuning of running app. Keep improving website and updating links.

March 23: Continue collaboration work.

Blog post rough drafts due Thursday 3/23.

March 28: Proofread and finish up blog post. Check over StudyBug, and test it for functionality and design. Proofread content in the app. Update links on website. Don’t forget peer evals!

March 30: Continue forward-thinking. Can move forward to task assignments for Stage Presentations.

Beta assignments due on Thursday, 3/30. This includes a running app, the blog post, rough draft of website, and second round of peer evaluations.

April 4: Create task assignments for Stage Presentations. Continue app and website improvement (Don’t forget to update all links!), begin trailer, sketch promo cards and poster (with complementary design).

April 6: Continue individual work

April 11: Execute promo cards and poster sketch in appropriate applications. Have a draft of the trailer and all video content gathered. Continue improvement on StudyBug and website.

April 13: Continue work.

Stage presentation workshop on Thursday, 4/13.

April 18: Finalize and print promo cards and poster. Finalize trailer and run through it. Website finished with all updated and functioning links. StudyBug is finished; all content has been proofread and all functions of the app work properly.

April 20: Continue finalizing

April 25: StudyBug is running. Website is up and running, updated with information and includes all links. Trailer is finished and ready to show. Promo cards have been completed; a few have printed for feedback. Poster finished, printed, and posted online. Send all to client.

Stage presentations this week. **After stage presentations and feedback, print all handouts for SLAM.

April 29: SLAM

Meet the TEAM

From left to right: Elizabeth, Emily, Adiel, and Whitney

The people behind the work!

Whitney Dixon: Technology Specialist

A passionate EMST major, Whitney has gained great tech-experience in the New Media Institute and is also handy with a camera.

Emily Laramy: Director of Design and Aesthetics

An artist and designer, Emily is a creative by nature and is proficient in the Adobe suite that will be used to design StudyBug.

Elizabeth Poole: Communications Specialist and Content Manager

As a PR major, Elizabeth is a master of organization and a well-versed writer looking to hone her account management skills.

Adiel Santibanez: Technology Specialist

Adiel is a man of many coding languages with experience in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, and IOS coding.

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