Off on the next adventure!

This is a long one people… two days of travel so bear with me!

As we drove to the airport on 11/3, I said goodbye to one last Minnesota sunset for another month. I said goodbye to the colorful, autumn leaves that will be long gone when I return, and probably replaced by snow. I said goodbye to my family and friends once again and hopped on a plane praying for the best.

They handed me some weird, warm moist towelette that smelled good on the plane. I thought it was a napkin for our meal but when I grabbed it and it was hot I jumped a little bit! Hehe :)

For dinner, we got a choice between eggplant lasagna or a barbecue chicken with sweet potatoes. I chose the latter and it came with a breadstick, salad, shrimp cocktail, sea salt brownie, and cheese and crackers… I also got to choose whatever I wanted to drink (free alcohol included) and as many things as I wanted! If this is what coach is like I can’t imagine what they’re getting up in first class! I’m in heaven!

I got to watch Eye in the Sky and The Sound of Music on the way to London. Remembering my favorite things about home on the plane, really helped me to not feel so bad after all. A few tears may have been shed but Julie Andrews’ voice can cure all things. If Maria had confidence enough to leave the abbey and meet the Von Trapp’s, I have confidence to make this journey, too!

We got breakfast on the plane, as well, and before I knew it, we were landing in London on 11/4. A truly beautiful place, the fall colors reminded me of home. About 20 minutes before landing I realized I was without my boarding pass for my connecting flight… semi-panic. Looked for my connecting flight on the giant screen, couldn’t find it… more panic. Tried to connect to wifi to look online, no luck. Real panic. A few deep breaths and a silent prayer found me asking for directions to my terminal. Wrong terminal. For the love! Thank God my phone connected in that moment before I got on a train to a different terminal. Laughable now but not in the moment! Thank goodness everyone speaks English here otherwise there would have been some real tears.

I spent almost my entire 12 hour layover people watching and working on capstone things… oh what a joy! It made the time pass rather quickly, though. I felt very nervous and homesick for most of the morning. There was a flight going back to MSP that I thought about stowing away on… but I am strong, I am capable, and I can do this! I am not alone and I can make it through anything. This is a once in a lifetime experience and home will always be home. I need to keep telling myself that.

Boarding the flight to Delhi, I got a serious pang of excitement in the pit of my stomach. It’s really happening. I’m going to India. To live. For one month. Wow. I got asked to move seats so a family could sit together and then got asked to move back so the person moved for could have more room. I didn’t mind I just thought it was funny :) the WHO requires the flight crew to spray the cabin with an insecticide before take off… uhhh what? That was a first for me. The flight was normal. Great food. Good entertainment. The usual for me now haha :) I didn’t get much sleep but that’s okay.

When I got off the plane, I cleared immigration in a jiffy but it took awhile to get my bag. I wasn’t greeted outside with a placard like I was in Ecuador, but I still made it to my home in Delhi in one piece. The drivers here are CRAZY. First of all, everything is opposite of the U.S. so I’m already mixed up and second of all, there are no lanes so it’s basically one huge cluster and it is not safe for pedestrians!!!

I dozed off a bit on the car ride. My host family for these next two days is very nice. It is a CFHI coordinator, Hema, and her family. Tomorrow, I am going to the Taj Mahal during the day so I met another coordinator tonight named Sanjay who brought me to buy my tickets. It was like waiting at the DMV… it took us almost THREE HOURS. Oh well, I hope it was worth it!

When I got back home I finally got connected to wifi! Even though it’s early morning for you guys at home, it’s just after 9pm here and going without my family all day was so hard. I MISS YOU GUYS! I am not having as easy of a time adjusting to India like I did Ecuador. It’s really tough and unfamiliar and to be completely honest, I don’t like it right now. But, it’s the first day. I’m tired, ornery and need some rest. I am praying God can work on my heart for this place and ask that you all do the same.