Sanders Supporters Focused on Anti-Democrat Instead of Ousting Republicans
S. Novi

If you’re intelligent enough to read Medium — and in particular, Novi — you’re intelligent enough to know that pussy-grabbing or corporate speaking fees are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the judiciary, and the lifetime appointments being handed out like Hallowe’en candy to anyone on the Mercer family wish list (like Gorsuch… and the myriad lower-court judges being appointed while we debate relative trifles). Any progressive who fails to recognize that the Clinton platform — drafted WITH Sanders — was the most progressive in our history… or worse, any so-called progressive who didn’t find it meaningful… is NOT a progressive. It’s this all-or-nothing, instant gratification that made a saint of a flawed candidate (Sanders) that hurt the nation. It’s the selfie-age, when thinking about how you personally look while pulling the voting lever matters more than the fall-out. Anyone who thought that “bringing about the revolution” was a good idea was frankly, either hopelessly naive, stupid OR narcissistic. The LGBT community, women, immigrants, minorities, Muslims — everyone is suffering thanks to the political purity that contributed to a Clinton loss.