Punch Bag — Is not a Child Play

Getting the right Kid’s punching bags for your children can be a little confusing sometimes — heck all selecting any kid’s products can be a nuisance. You want to get them something that’ll fit their hands, head, and size, because getting the right fit in any situation that requires predominantly requires body activity will keep you safe and also accentuate your prowess.

While most combat sports gear is made with adults in mind, brands have realized a BIG portion in the market has been unattended to. For example MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and you are seeing a spike in training for competition in comparison to just general fitness. With this drastic spike, we have learned that a huge portion of practitioners were children as young as 10–15 years of age getting into the sport. Mind you MMA is a rough sport but it has its advantages when it comes to instilling a sense of discipline, athleticism and confidence in your child — and guess what? Statistics show that children incur less damage such as broken or fractured bones or torn ligaments and tendon tears when compared to their other sport activity such as football, rugby, basketball etc. If anything, they are more likely to hurt themselves playing those sports rather than MMA itself.

Coming back to why kid’s punching bags are important. It’s because they are smaller in size and are less thick than adult heavy bags. The filling is also much softer because damaging children’s wrists during while striking is pretty easy. You need to make sure all his/her equipment Is of the right size, because regardless of a heavy bag, if the glove is not the right fit, they are most likely to hurt their knuckles, wrists or thumbs.

You’ll get nowhere in the fight game if you can’t spar, hence a full set of the right head guard, shin guard, groin cup, mouthpiece and gloves (with hand wraps) are imperative.

Look for:

Snugness — if the glove hugs the hand and feels slightly uncomfortable and hard to push through when putting on, then no problem; eventually the glove will set on the fists and comfortably hug the integrity of the hand. You need this because children’s hands are sensitive and consist of small bones that are not fully developed and brittle.

Extra-long cuff: Your child has small wrists and even smaller tendons to support it. A long cuff helps with fist alignment for a proper and straight punch. Sometimes in the heat of things adults can lose all sense of ‘proper technique’, just imagine when a child throws down, they are bound to throw some awkward loose punches that will result in damaging their own hands. Good support in the form of strong Velcro, hook and loop or laces is the solution to your problem.

Padding: This is a no brainer and quite obviously so. This pointer is more on quality and expense rather than padding. Like the toys you get for your kids do “NOT” get them toy gloves with weak padding.

Avoid fake Everlast, Top 10 and Green Hill type toy glove products. RDX Sports is a rather newer brand in the market that specially develops gloves for children and are also affordable compared to Title, Everlast, Ringside and all the other top tier gloves. RDX even offer 2–4ft kid’s punching bags too and highly affordable too.

Either way — money shouldn’t be an option when it comes to your child’s health. Make sure you get them what they need.