I want to quit. Right now.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Man, oh man do your words feel familiar. I too have come to know this doom you speak of. It has paralyzed and tortured and left me for dead! How is it then, that I no longer feel dread creeping in? I feel different, not afraid! I don’t want to run away, I want to fly! I’m inspired! Deep down I know, one of these days I’m going to have the nerve to write the way people , real people, write. I realize more and more my voice is the same as yours, and countless others. Well, perhaps it’s worse! Or better?! Depending, of course, where one stands. But who cares? My voice, uniquely flawed and effed up in it’s own way, holds power for someone out there who can probably relate. Now the time has come to sigh deeply — for, unlike you, and your fellow creative caped crusaders, I haven’t the guts, or the grit to buckle down. To put it “out there”. Leaving a few comments, here and there is as close to the waters edge you’ll find me. The human condition is such a beautiful disaster, isn’t it?Well, anyway, before I really digress (*wink *), let me say this; I really like your style, Fella. And I feel I can call you Fella…wanna know why? I don’t know! I just know it feels right. You shared your darkness with me. You stood out there holding it up for anyone to see. Enduring endless raw lashes across the back, meeting and then holding the powerful gaze, in all it’s painful glory. The reflection responsible for bringing many a man (or woman) to their knees! What you did next is this remarkable act of love for your readers; you did not end it there, in the darkness. Instead, we got to see your soul shine! You didn’t leave us flopping around, on the river bank, gasping for air like a dying trout. No! You scooped us back up, and with a quick peck on our fishy lips, sent us soaring back to the stream! More capable than ever to face our own darkness. Believing in ourselves, no longer fearful of the light. In Peace & Love, xoxo, Liz

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