John, this is a great piece and though painful to read I agree it’s important to understand the…
Garrett W Hodgson

Part of the overall solution needs to be civics education, and a renewal of the media’s responsibility to educate and not just entertain the electorate. The Presidency is not as important as we make it out to be, and nothing will ever change if we don’t fix Congress.

Yes! So glad someone brought this up. It is VERY difficult, if not impossible, to give two shits about politics knowing these pieces of the puzzle are being overlooked at every turn.

Without them, (especially Congress), the whole institution is built on extremely shaky ground. The fundamentals are being disregarded. The result? Fear and uncertainty for voters and a breeding ground for crooked politicians to run a muck! They go around stirring up shit storms and have turned our great country into a JOKE. World leaders no doubt look at this circus masquerading as a functional democracy and do a global face palm.

Another solution we should add to Garretts list ? Campaign funding!!! Get rid of the freaking pacs and super pacs and lobbyists. Candidates need to earn their votes. Seriously, if girl scouts, little league teams and non profits can do it and succeed the old fashioned way, why can’t the people asking to “run the free world” !??

Federal campaigns these days are equivalent to those spoiled little rich kids everyone hates for crying to Daddy anytime they need money to do something. Freaking work for it! The folks who still believe in running a campaign the right way, are forced to conform and sell their soul to the fat cats. Otherwise they’re just setting up for failure being WOEFULLY out numbered/matched.

And there really is no excuse — consider how much easier it is to communicate & self promote these days. So, no, one does NOT need to buy a gazillion dollars worth of TV air time to win an election.

All these situations should cause EXTREME alarm, yet they barely cause a blip on the radar. With that being the case, why do we really care who is President?

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