As we approach the 100 day marker of our forty-fifth president, it’s worth examining the ways the media have failed us in the Trump era. Important, non-Trump happenings in the world are going unnoticed. Narratives are driving coverage. People do not know what to trust.

In this fraught moment in our nation’s history, it is abundantly clear that the institution of journalism is failing the very pursuit of truth.

Perhaps the best example of this is the fact that, despite it happening days within the election of the President, the author of this piece hasn’t seen any news coverage on her breakup.

How this happened

Neither network or cable news picked up on the breakup.

You’re telling me Wolf Blitzer couldn’t spit out one line about it in a closing act of The Situation Room? Or your boy Jake Tapper couldn’t draw it into his animated segment State of the Cartoonion? Or that Chuck Todd “ran out of time” on Meet The Press? It’s irresponsible, and frankly, illegal.

In fact, if this were Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein would have swooped this scoop with their dang eyes closed. This is just like Watergate. What has become of those journalism heroes? This is just like Watergate!

‘Let’s be friends,’ and the fallout

This is just like Watergate!

Almost as disappointing is the fact that it has been 100 days without any updates on how things are going for the author:

A few months in, there was an attempt to salvage a friendship, ultimately setting the author back, which was very cool! It got messy. Chaotic. Let’s just say, if the media were there, they would have all been so horned up over this that you would have thought an airplane went missing.

But in fact, the author is doing much better now and it’s important you know that!!!!!! She just went to Vietnam and lives with a dog, so, sorry there are no more nights-pacing-in-Brooklyn-alone-after-midnight-because-the-Wellbutrin-just-kicked-in-and-on-top-of-this-Trump-is-president to wave in front of these “journalism” monkeys!

Late night let down

Historically, where the media have let us down on the news, the late night television hosts fill in the gaps. However, while these comedians are usually allies to truth, not a single one batted an eye at this fucking bullshit.

Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, not even Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live! have spoken out.

And these people are the so-called Edward R. Murrows of our generation? Don’t think so! Edward R. Murrow is shaking his damn head.

The lesson

Ultimately the losers are the American people. It is a sad day for democracy when defenders of the first amendment sit on their asses on stories like this.

History will be judging. From these crucial moments we will rebuild our nation.

As the months pass it becomes less likely that the media will cover this, kind of like how it becomes less likely that the author will receive an earnest declaration of love and apology. But… you never know, and it’s this kind of baseless optimism that makes our country great!