The Peace of a Running Wave

“Deep peace of the running wave to you.

Deep peace of the flowing air to you.

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.

Deep peace of the shining stars to you.

Today is September 21rst, International Peace Day. Even nature has created one of her most balanced days of light and dark, offering humans a sweet equilibrium to breathe in and out prayers and intentions of a more peaceful and loving world.

Peace is difficult for me. By nature I am restless; I seek sensation and new adventures. In eastern medicine, my constitution usually hovers in the wind-fire or in aryuvedic language, pitta-vata realms. In the past, for me to step into the sanctum of inner peace, I have had to be tricked or forced into it.

Then almost as a dare or a challenge (how could I turn that down?) a friend, let’s call her Lulu, encouraged me to commit to a daily meditation practice. Not as easy as it sounds, and yes, I am a yoga teacher. There is no hocus-pocus in meditation; you stop, slow the breath and be with what is. However, through this simple act, and more importantly, through the dedication to a daily practice, I am finding — so far so good — that incremental layer by piece by sliver, peep holes are carving through my thought-habits and small shifts are beginning to unstick some of my many holding-patterns. Yes, that is when the inner magic gems can start to crackle through!

Lulu has also turned me onto the visualizations of Rebecca Campbell. Rebecca coaches people to breathe and receive collective source-light through their inhale and exhale as they sit in silence. Her imagery has helped me broaden my meditation practice in an intriguing way. I find that in addition to surrendering to what is, and rooting into the breath and the physical body, Rebecca’s language assists me in expanding my awareness beyond myself. Instead of feeling isolated in my bubble, I feel a sense of oneness and compassion for humanity and the planet. Of course there is no recipe for peace, and once achieved in any form, the state is not static and can not be controlled or bottled — as hard as we try. However, for me, in this moment, coupling stillness with global compassion seems to be the cornerstone around which I am able to build my temple of inner peace.

But wait, there is more! After these light-meditations I am inspired to compose; I feel led to create — to let out my juice!

Breathe that in for a moment.

Cultivating inner stillness combined with a sense of universal connection, birthed in me, a deep inner expressive flame. These current works are still in progress, but they feel original, poignant and enduring.

I am growing peace and creative desire within the same breath.

Rewind with me for one moment. Before coming to this realization, I had thought that pregnancy was my most fertile time as an artist. For all three of my pregnancies, I thought that the babe growing inside me was channeling the poetry, the chords, the melody all through me. I strongly believed that my creativity was coming from the mingling of my soul with the new souls who were emerging through my body.

Cool, right?

Who knows, perhaps there was an element of babe-to-mama soul transmission happening, but I had (amazingly) failed to acknowledge that as a pregnant woman, there was also an imposed stillness in my life. I sat more, I walked instead of ran, I listened to my baby and also my body every waking moment, I had a slower yoga practice and I also felt connected to something beyond myself — the wee being developing inside of my own. I will not pretend that I was the Dali Lama while I was pregnant. On the contrary, I acquired the nickname MoFo while pregnant with Xavier (now 5) and yes, it has stuck. However, more than any other time in my life B.L. (before Lulu), — I entered a slower zone of living, and occasionally I would stop resisting and surrender to a more sedate tempo. Yes, perhaps the growing babe had a hand in some of my compositions, but slowing my pace and surrendering to the touch of serenity was the real mother of these original and enduring works.

Today on the International day of Peace I am releasing a new album entitled, “Brilliance”. I dedicate this record to the potential for peace in every being on the planet. This record is a compilation of tracks, each of which was inspired out of various shades and moods of stillness. The title track was written in one of my pregnancy-peace-moments: ( as were many of the others. However, there are also multiple songs that grew out of surrendering to a three-hour wait for the doctor with a sick toddler in my arms, or to sitting out a hurricane on an island in a one room cabin. This record resonates the times in my life that began as a struggle to escape a sense of stagnation or boredom, then softened into a sweet surrender and then blossomed into a song rooted deep in my soul.

Deep peace of the gentle night to you.

Moon and stars pour their healing light on you.

Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.

Deep peace.”

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