Ryan Lochte Is the Ugly American
John McDermott

Well said. My one disagreement is with the statement that “many Americans have a callous disregard for the less privileged” but completely agree that we as a society have been putting douchebags on a pedestal for far too long and giving them far more attention than they deserve (which is none). What’s upsetting is that the Americans who do get attention are the kinds like Lochte who perpetuate this type of stereotype. The spring-break-never-ends crowd who travel without actually opening their eyes to the culture and only judge the world from the suburban American filters.

We rarely hear stories of the kind of Americans who travel abroad to less privileged countries to volunteer and help those in need. But stories like this sell. What I find despicable about Lochte is his privileged, entitled attitude and his inability to take full responsibility for his actions. He is still trying to find a way to sell his story as a misunderstanding.The American media has been far too kind to him. No person of color would get this kind of gentle treatment.

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