2.24.16 — Thunderstorms in February

As I woke up from my usual after-school nap (of about five hours) I noticed the sound of rain on my window — a sound that always puts me at ease and makes me sleepy. I started to drift off again before realizing this could be a good opportunity to take some photos, as the light outside was pretty unusual for a winter evening. The sky was golden, and the rain was still pouring, so I got my camera and took a few pictures…

(I didn’t edit these pictures, by the way.)

Dew drops hung on the branches of the trees, and it looked like Christmas. The light of the sunset reflected off the pools of water, making everything bathed in a beautiful yellow light!

Then…a rainbow.

A full rainbow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full rainbow in my life, ever. You can see a second rainbow forming there, too. And yes, my sister and I sang the double rainbow song. If you were wondering.

Thanks for reading.