When It Snowed In Connecticut

A true story I wrote in fourth grade about my trip to Connecticut, here on this website for your viewing pleasure. All grammatical errors are due to the fact that I was 9. Thank you.

One day, I was packing to go to Connecticut my mom called me to hurry up. I grabbed my sleeping bag, my books, and my American girl doll and went to the car. My mom already had my suitcase in the car so I ran as fast as I could. When we got to the airport, our flight was delayed! So we sat around and went to a restaraunt for lunch. Then our flight was called and we were off to our flight! It took about a day to get to the other airport. See, we had to take two airplanes to get to Connecticut, and then my Grandpa would pick us up from the airport and bring us to Grandma and his house. When we got to their house, I found my cousins in my grandparent’s basement playing with a giant train set! When I go down there alone, I get very scared because it sounds like a ghost is down there. Then I had dinner with my whole entire family, even the ones from Chicago were there! After we had dinner, the dessert was apple pie and banana bread! YUM! Grandma showed me where I was sleeping. I loved it. It was the third room on the left with the window. After she showed me my room, I got into my pajamas, then fluffed up my pillow and went to sleep. The next day, there was snow outside! I got on my mittens, sweaters, a big heavy coat, and a lot of other heavy stuff. When I ran outside I found my two sisters also outside. We made snowmen, snow angels, and snow everything! My other sisters went inside because they were very tired. But I stayed outside with my cousin and Uncle Connal. Then I went inside and sat down by the nice warm fire. The next day my family had to wake up at 6:30 because we had to catch a plane. Grandpa drove us to the airport called “The International Airport.” There were airplanes to Russia, Asia, and even China! We only needed to take one plane back to Jacksonville. I’ve always loved Jacksonville because all the beautiful palm trees and stores there. I got to my house, I was exhausted so I lay down and dreamed of Connecticut.

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