Thriving while isolated is possible for all of us if we exercise proper care.

I know a thing or two about surviving and even thriving in the midst of extreme isolation. I did nearly 17 years in various prisons in Minnesota that ranged from super-maximum Oak Park Heights to minimum security Lino Lakes. Within those years I had to learn several critical skills that allowed me to not just survive the extreme isolation a prison can produce, but to thrive against the odds of it all. Following are 4 lessons I want to impart to the community in the wake of the artificial isolation COVID-19 has produced.

  1. Remember, that “This Too Shall Pass”


“Radical Community Political Engagement”

This will be the shortest article ever written. Community members must see themselves as powerful stakeholders and executives in the work elected officials are doing.

Go knock on their doors and demand action. If they refuse to act, begin to organize.

Elizer Darris

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