May 28 — ACM with the Parents!

went for the Joseon (조선) exhibition in the ACM this afternoon with mummy and papa! we had lunch at the museum’s cafe (prive) before that: it’s such a beautiful place and the cakes at the counter look really delicious, but in general i don’t think the good is particularly worth the price (some dishes are more worth it than others).

the exhibition was wonderful and i don’t think i’ve paid so much attention to a history exhibition in a long time. took many pictures of the museum labels/descriptions because it’s all information i want to absorb and remember!

the artefacts on display are from the national museum of korea (oh how i miss it) and the national palace museum, which i actually haven’t been to yet. / side note, the stuff that the ACM gift shop is selling in relation to this exhibition is sad: 2 books, and a bunch of random korean stuff like those 5-colored pencil cases you can get from namdaemun for like 2,000 won, but were being sold at the gift store for SGD 15. complete rip-offs!!!

some people from the people’s association were in the museum filming something — more specifically, they were filming in the part of the second floor that we needed to walk through to get to the joseon exhibition… so while waiting for them to clear, i decided to take pictures out of the museum window.

the main part of the second floor (which u first encounter when u walk up the stairs from the main foyer) was completely empty except for our presence, and very very honestly, the museum felt like my own home, my own space. it almost felt like i could just go up and touch the exhibits: i guess part of the museum atmosphere is the presence of guards ensuring visitors don’t meddle with the artefacts on display, and the presence of other museum visitors.

left — contemporary korean art installation. ok i don’t wanna sound snobby but it was a bit jarring to see someone mopping the floors while people were trying to look at the art installation: i haven’t really seen cleaning in progress while the museum was still open (except!! in the civil defence heritage gallery ;o;) so it just felt a little out of place. back to the exhibit: was something about korean wedding ceremonies, with the symbolism of the phoenix that would sometimes appear projected on the background. also, many white peppers hung behind, something to do with marriage also.

right — papa thought the grains of rice were sweet potatoes HAHAHA and he wanted this shot of him taken :p

our entry sticker for the joseon exhibit ❤

moon jar!! was so excited when i saw this hehe the ones on display at the british museum were like the prelude to seeing this here and proudly exclaiming to mummy that i knew what this was :p
l: folded screen that sat behind the king / r: the 45m long scroll of a procession of 6k people — is this the mural along the cheonggyecheon too??
L: robe for the queen, how regal and intricate / R: papa as a yangban ㅎ

images from the joseon exhibit!!! very honestly i am more in tune with korean history than chinese history (not very knowledgeable about either but re-reading these things about the joseon dynasty like king taejo and the yangban class etc ring more bells than anything about the chinese dynasties / though the chinese dynasties did largely impact korea)

pictures with mummy and papa outside the museum ^_^

spotted some boys fishing along the river; was worried that they might fall in, but when i told mummy this she surprisingly said: no lah it’s safe!! and why can’t they fish there? (when i brought up the question: is it even legal to fish there?? will they be fined??)

/ this happened in prive hurhur plssssss don’t pay $17 for chicken rice…..

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