May 18 — KBBQ + Museum Day with Jack!

took 197 to clarke quay to meet jack for lunch. forgot how slow traffic can be sometimes, especially when it drizzles and when every traffic light possible seems to turn red. no one really boarded the bus when it was around clementi which made me happy, because it seemed like i could reach my destination sooner — but then it seemed like dozens of people would board at the bukit merah bus stops, so that slowed things down a fair bit.

there was this funny uncle sitting in front of me on the top deck of the bus, who would very violently/quickly turn to stare out of the window whenever the bus was taking too long to move on. once it was because many people were boarding, and another time it was because the bus captain was helping a man on a motorized scooter set up a ramp so he could disembark. the uncle sitting in front of me never said anything, never tsk-ed or tutted, but the glaring was real.

KBBQ with jack. severely overpriced; burnt a hole in my pocket. saving graces were that the food was quite yummy, i was in the presence of good company, and they played kpop mvs all the way (including crush’s woo ah mv that i’ve never seen — but it’s all that korean music video goodness i love x).

we wanted to walk to the national museum of singapore (nms) after lunch, and decided to walk around fort canning hill rather than over/down it. this meant that we walked past the civil defence heritage gallery, or the fireman museum as i like to call it!! decided to pop in — i’ve never been before, but jack has.

the entire space was really empty. the two staff members at the counter seemed almost shocked/jolted that people had entered the space hehe. we had to write our names down before we could enter the exhibits proper: so many firetrucks and gear on display, and a lot of stories about fires (ex. bukit ho swee) and firefighting in singapore. didn’t pay much attention to the text tbh; i know i should be learning but this kinda stuff doesn’t intrigue me much/at all. but the use of technology and the exhibits were fun!! including this fire truck we could take pictures in :-) there was a video showing inside the truck too!

the top two pics are of a display of a fireman climbing up the ladder (i really liked how dynamic it felt!! since firefighting is actually v dynamic and actiony and lively — oh my god how reductive do i sound…) and of a patch showing the clementi fire station (closest to my home) that was sold in the gift shop for $8 ;n;

mishmash of photos from the philatelic museum, which we went to since it was right beside the CD heritage gallery. haven’t been here in a very long time; this is only my second ever time being in this space, i think! / there was a sign on the outside of the museum stating that it was international museum day!! how lucky of us to hit museums on this special day :’-)

there were many exhibits inside the museum, which is actually bigger than it seems from the outside. exhibitions on harry potter, on decorative eggs from Liechtenstein, on chickens etc. in the chicken exhibition you could match the pics of eggs to their various cooking methods: did we match them all correctly?

the museum was also filled with the noises of very excited children: i wonder if it’s because they were so stoked to see stamps!! hehe i snapped this pic while waiting for a whole class of kindergarten kids to go up the stairs before i could cross to the gift shop. the gift shop sold all these packs of stamps that i haven’t seen since before the big bookshop in clementi closed :-( i used to buy some of these!! / the south korea stamps were being sold for $38/100 special stamps. they also sold some stamps from north korea (dprk) ;o;

we then headed to the christian resource centre that was beside the peranakan museum, but we didn’t get anything (wanted to find a birthday present for nix, but nothing was suitable). then finally we made it to the peranakan museum, where i saw a class of sc pri girls leave! hurhur they would be there — scgs returning to its peranakan roots!!

we snapped a couple of pics with the sculpture commemorating the cat that used to grace the grounds of the ACM (when it used to be in this premise). so cute that they have this :-) the internal structure of the museum is so beautiful too.

snapped some pics with the graffiti on the walls of the substation, right beside the p. museum. i miss the graffiti in london, so it was nice seeing this x