Weekly bits (week of 13 Feb)

Typing out this journal entry while seated on a bench in the ACM, while Jack and Ting are following a guided tour around the Myanmar exhibition.

This was the second week in a row that was hiong; last week was worse for sure, and I actually had the whole day to breathe this Thursday — but having more time also means taking more time and being more distracted :-(

Finished reading the two art-related library books I borrowed from our college library: one on Felix Gonzales-Torres’ billboards that were collated and re-exhibited across various landscapes in Texas, and one on the paired photographic + writing process by a husband and wife team. Gotta go back and copy out some inspiring quotes from the latter book.

Tried Green and Healthy Monday at the elm dh this week — it was quite a feast for both the eyes and the stomach. #nts, I don’t think I’m a huge fan of falafel (it’s just packed carbs). Was so happy to be reacquainted with quesadillas though :-) / Went to Butter My Buns for lunch with Quek one afternoon, and I upped my veg game because I just desperately wanted to consume more vegetables. This was the same day our suite later ordered Macs for dinner :-( Also, this lunch was seriously overpriced at $6.50. For just this?? Meh.

Just some sky views.

Clin grabbed the old fish tank from the Elm Office and used it as a newer, bigger cage for Tuna! This is the transfer process — she has so much more room to run around in now :-)

L / very terribly hiong urban theory tuesdays — even though class is on wednesdays, tuesdays are always spent catching up on readings, churning out notes, and writing out that response before 11pm. Phew.

R/ we didn’t meet for our urban farming lunch this week (I’m disappointed), but I brought my seeds to school and went to Yan Lin’s suite to get them started! Hopefully these babies bloom :-)

The suite ordered Macs for dinner on wednesday! It took a mere 16 minutes for the order to arrive ;A; thank you Mcdelivery, you really are the best and most reliable!! I always wanna give KFC a chance: we tried ordering KFC before switching to Macs, but the online ordering system was bad: it was 5pm but this error message kept popping up telling us that we could only order between 10am and 7pm: WHICH WE WERE! Aiya, the Chizza remains far far far away from my reach.

Did a lot of research on the Cheonggyecheon in the past week because of my cityscapes morphogenesis assignment that i did on that stream. Got distracted and started using google street view in Sinchon/Yonsei and found some amazing captures showing how much the space has changed since a couple of years back: 딸기골 used to be where Paris Baguette now stands (at the foot of the hill at the back of our dorms), and there used to be graffiti beneath the bridge on our way to Sinchon! Maybe they designated the now-graffiti tunnel so that there was a place for these guerilla graffiti artists to showcase their skills. / Also, amazing how the Cheonggyecheon has changed so much since post-Korean War times. From a slum area of great poverty to now a bustling blood line through downtown Seoul, surrounded by skyscrapers that symbolize progress, modernization and the country’s continual growth.

Flopped around a bit on the 26th floor before we took the stairs down. Took some nice shots of Jack while we were up there, and this is me being caught all awkz and laughing because we were caught taking photos there lolol awkward.

Kimbap from a Korean place that the rest of the suite went to for dinner (I stayed in to complete my cityscapes assignment). This was so good!! Ham kimbap. But it was something like $8.90…. goodness, how can kimbap be so expensive :-(

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