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Anthony Bardaro

As a huge audible fan — as it allows me to continue to “read” extensively while engaging in the hustle of the freelance work and dealing with all the fun things that come with #datingat35, but I do miss podcasts.

I gave up a few years ago, when the episodes had piled up in my que and most were uninteresting to me. I believe the key issue, for me anyway, was that I would miss good ones if I didn’t subscribe, but I rarely had any interest in 85% of what was in my que.

As opposed as I am to the idea of for-profit businesses having intimate details about my life, the features I use the most — on any app, device or site — are those that suggest things I might like, based on past actions or purchases, self-identified areas of interest and fancy algorithms that connect me with content that others who behave similarly have enjoyed.

As someone who has limited patience with any technology that slows me down (like the inability to purchase and listen within the same app — AUDIBLE!), I am really looking forward to something transformative in this arena.

Although I am curious about what are folks like you, people in the know, are saying about the future of podcasts when it seems that everything we put out now needs requires a visual element? I’ve been told 100K times that video is the way forward, but personally, I often turn off my brain when I watch something visually.

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