Out of Gas

Go do the right thing, girl.
Pull back from your self-destined path
To better meet the expectations
which upon you they cast.
And still show up.
Be sure to answer your phone,
If it should ring. 
Speak your truth. 
Say your prayers.
The truth is that there is no room
for you
in this scene.
You play only a supporting role, naturally.
They strip you of agency,
making you once again un-whole.
The only thing you can do is to try to be true.
But to who? Or to whom?
So many voices and so many rules;
everyone else knows what’s best for you.
Just trudge on through, girl.
The universe will show you your place;
She’ll right your course.
Like now, when she asks:
“What are you going to do, little girl?
You’ve got no where to turn.
You’ve literally run out of gas.”
Your car, today, a stand in
for your heart.