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Ala-computer and supercalifragahacker.

The internet appears to be a highway of freedom, anyone can get on and it costs less than filling up your gas tank to travel across the world. It’s a multi-layered global concept which shapes and shows people the different dynamical aspects that information can mould. We have political, social, economical, technological all present in this one form of media which helps shape global policies.

In his book, Hacker’s Manifesto, McKenzie Wark addresses many of these multi-layered concepts which make up the internet dynamic and global model. It holds a similar structure of Nietzsche’s book, ‘Beyond Good and Evil’, presenting depth to each idea.

Focusing on his chapter ‘Information’, we can see how ever single chapter can tie in with one another. Information, we want, we take but we can’t seem to agree with the harsh reality of sharing personal information, especially when hacked.

This week news broke that celebrity accounts had been hacked and naked pictures had been posted for the public to access. This enormous breach is personal privacy has received a lot of mixed reaction, from comments like ‘fapping’ to others saying how despicable this invasion of privacy is. To whichever side a person is on, this leak of information had the potential to undo someone, ruin lives, a catastrophic backlash for the individual.

I believe the manifesto, speaks a lot of harsh truths, but facts nonetheless. This pessimistic observation is simply an eye opening revelation to a lot of truths we like to ignore in order for us to feel better about logging on and pretending that our privacy won’t be intruded on.

The first line of Wark’s chapter ‘Information’ reads, ‘Information wants to be free but is everywhere in chains.’ (2004, p. 68) and with such a simple line comes layers of depth. We argue we want information free, but we’re afraid of the piracy laws that might be placed, yet he have no intention of sharing our own information because it’s a breach of privacy. Or there’s another point, that with the image’s of these celebrities might come a new voice of public opinion which can then chain an individual to this one piece of information that has been leaked.


Wark, M 2004, A Hacker Manifesto, Harvard University Press, USA.

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