Open Letter to All Financial Institutions

You are the cause and the propagator for data security concerns! When signing up online, you make your customers go through dozens of steps of verification and security mechanisms and it is borderline impossible because everything is so complicated and ‘secure’.

When it comes to mail though, to postal mail, you’re the least worried about a customer’s or potential customer’s data security.

You relentlessly send out your SPAM. Every single day, upon opening my physical mailbox, I am flooded with letters offering credit cards and more credit cards and special services. These letters used to be simple: envelope with my address, plus another legal sized letter with all my personal data on it. I just took those and ran them through the shredder.

Citi Group and American Airlines — one of many examples for unnecessary mailings

Now however, your letters got ‘posh’ and sophisticated! They’re too fat to fit through my type of shredder and it’s cumbersome to dissect these letters, to find all the areas where you’ve printed my name and my address.

Can. You. Not. Stop?

I do not need more than three different credit cards. (Ironically, these offers are too often for services and cards I’ve already subscribed too. Database maintenance, anyone?) I feel satisfied with what I have. The constant bombarding with more offers, and new specials is lunacy and it is time for rethinking and change.

Thank you.

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