As an avid concert goer who can very well remember the experience in the 80s, 90s and 2000s, I can…
Elke Nominikat

Thanks Jeanette — I understand where you’re coming from and the constant cell phone usage is basically the main reason why I no longer go to a movie theater! But… just yesterday, I was at a show at Rockwood Music Hall and how I wished the people had texted, snapped pictures, browsed Instagram or checked on their love lives on Tinder. Instead, they were chatting, and loving and then chatting some more through the sets of two wonderful, female performers. Granted, the sound system was a bit on the quiet side, so one had to overhear the chatter in the first place. It was however also highly rude towards the performers and I bet they’d prefered them taking photos over chatting because this would have meant paying attention.

As for rockers smashing phones? Ha! Yeah, left a concert of The Cult half way through, several years back, after Ian Astbury didn’t stop insulting the audience. Saw them 1987, when there were no cell phones yet. He might have insulted his fans back then too, don’t know. I was too much a fan to have noticed. That’s done though.

Thanks for responding, love it! And you’re so right, this will be great for a lot of people. Can we agree though that the pouches are ugly? ;)

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