One Thing I Believe, One Thing I Know, One Thing I Doubt


I believe the world we live in will never be as equal as we want/expect. I believe this because we’ve been fighting the same battle for decades and there are some ignorant people in office that won’t even try to solve the everyday issue that we are facing. I believe History is repeating itself with the movements, cases and police brutality, because I know that I’m not the only one that believes this because there are a lot of songs that mention history repeating itself, for example Jussie Smollett new song FUW. Jussie Smollett is famous for being in the American Drama Series, Empire, playing the the role of Jamal Lyon. His latest song Fucked Up World(FUW), is mostly slamming Donald Trump, but there are inspiring points that he makes in the song, like the part when he says “Why are we back in the past? It’s the same script, different cast” or when he also mentions the death of People of Color getting killed, “Grown Men killing babies”.


I know that there will be no safe space for the next generation if we don’t change anything. If history is repeating itself, I know that it’s not going to be easy for things to become normal because people will be easily targeted because if anyone learned anything from the past, they would know what to do and what not to do. I know that it will be hard for people of color to do something without being question for everything they do. I know that this is an endless fight because I know it happened way before MLK Jr.


I doubt that this battle that were in will ever end. I doubt this because in order for there to be peace, we would have to sit down and try to resolve this issue with the person in charge, but we can’t do that because the person in charge is so ignorant he wouldn’t understand the difference between being fair/equal and I doubt that he’ll bring the issue into focus. I doubt this battle will end now because it’s been slowly forming when Obama was in office and he tried to address the problem and solve it, but as you see it didn’t really go into plan. I doubt that law enforcement will do anything about racial profiling because that is one technique that they will always look up to and see useful.