I took your job.

Today, the clerk at Burger King threw my change into my hand. That was shortly after she implied to the redneck in the drive through that she didn’t feel safe being alone in the restaurant with me in the darkness of the early morning.

I tried to be nice. Asked about her feelings. You know, typical NVC type stuff. The shit you do to build familiarity and rapport and hopefully convert blatant racists into people who question their assumptions.

Then the fat redneck came in. So she would feel safe. He dominated the space by the counter while I tried to put cream in my coffee. I only came in for change for the bus anyway. Now I’m feeling uncomfortable with this fat slob breathing down my neck. I said hello. To be friendly.

Then I got the hell out of there.

Waiting for the bus outside, the redneck drove by. He honked and waved an American flag out his driver side window. All the way to the light and around the corner. The implicit message was: This is my country.

That’s ironic, because actually, it’s mine.

You see, I might be a WOC in America. But I’m also a successful tech CEO. My startup provides Data Science solutions for some of the biggest organizations in the world.

I didn’t just take White America’s jobs. I took their best jobs.

Worse, I try to hire women and POC’s . Literally one of my favorite parts of my job is turning down white applicants so I can hire an equally or better qualified POC. Asians, Indians, Blacks, Hispanics, women and trans folks are all welcome.

That redneck has no idea. He doesn’t realize that the battle is long lost.

This is the last uprising. The last ditch effort of a losing cause. They know it. They don’t accept it, but they know it in their hearts that civilization cannot get better with them as a part of it. Civilization depends on us.

That’s why I grin and bear it. I don’t want to destroy white America. I want to give them a chance to assimilate. To succeed like my immigrant parents did. I know that building rapport, forgiving their ignorance, and creating friendly familiarity may convert a few of these folks. That is the goal: to convert the bigots to be more friendly and egalitarian

Because if they do not, they will go extinct. Like the dinosaurs.

We will keep taking the good jobs for ourselves. Keep hiring the best, most diverse teams. Keep intermarrying and diluting their gene pools until there is nothing left.

We’ve already won the cities. Now we must buy land in the country and begin pushing back against the frontier. Turning the racist hinterlands into greener pastures.

The problem with our movement is that there isn’t a clear positive direction. I will propose one:

Push into the rural areas. Buy the property and the businesses. Own the upper class and the middle class and the lower class. Be aggressive in our takeover. There can be no capitulation. No truce or ceasefire. We are the winning, growing, expanding force. The forces of progress are on our side. Use them.

Take their jobs. The good and the bad. Take their children and convert them, marry them. Make beautiful little brown babies that will know better and continue this trend in the next generation.

If they want to survive, they will assimilate. If not, they will go extinct in the dusty corners of our beautiful nation.

It’s our choice. Not theirs.