Ella Rae releases the first two chapters of her book ‘The Love Struck Diaries’.

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Aug 10 · 2 min read

Chesapeake 04 August 2019 — Journalist and web designer, Ella Audrey Rae has officially released the first two chapters of her book, The Love Struck Diaries.

The book is based on her real life stories. In the book each chapter is a real life story that is written to inspire those who read it. Each chapter that is written and completed in the book is closed in her real life. It’s about the journey from the moment you are presented to your parents to the moment your parents introduce you to the world.

She takes you on her personal journey through hardships, laughter, growth, and memories that last a lifetime

She wrote the book to free her own personal burdens but decided it could also help others. “It’s like a personal diary or therapy session that I’m sharing with the whole world. I learned that once you own it, no one can bring you down about it. Everyone has a story to tell that can help others be free, I’m just one of many who decided to share mine. ” she said about her book.

You can read the first two chapters here.

Official Trailer

For more information on the book:


Facebook Group



For more information on Ella:

Official Website




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About Ella Rae:

Ella Audrey Rae (born May 04 1995) is an American web designer, editor in chief, and dancer from Norfolk , Virginia. In 2010 she created lifestyle and music publication, Gold Crwn Magazine. GCM is now on it’s 37th issue. This year she has launched empowering girls social network GirlX, creative arts and media agency Division 34 and online radio station GXL Radio.

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