Teach Me How To Feel
Abby Norman

Dear Abby ..

“ … I thought a lot about what the term “nervous breakdown” is supposed to mean …”

I wished the label “nervous breakdown” would be presented much less. Instead there would be a label “how to conquer this my way” and with the help of genuine true friends and/or real GOOD Solution Focused Brief Therapists people would find their way up WITHOUT medicine.

You help a lot of people by writing about this. Wonderful!!

Wish you a lot of good feelings knowing-realising that!! Warm smile for you, from me, all the way from Holland!

PS the name “Solution Focused” and “Brief” sounds a little cheap and ‘simple’ but it isn’t easy to make your client aware of their way, far from it. But it’s a beautiful way (and evidence based — only, I think it only works out right when your therapist is a good, genuine, one — pretty much like a good, genuine friend!)

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