Scared ? Starting a new project?

Jon Tyson

Are you with me? Actually STARTING a new project?

I have this huge project in mind.
Probably too huge :-) 
Not even clear about rough details
Absolutely no idea about the small details :-)
And still …

I want to START and so now I’m doing it:
I shared my excitement with you!

I’ve read these wonderful words of Aldo Delli Paoli:

“After all it is the “our own” dream and perhaps …
we must continue to pursue it to the end of the world!!”

Well if that’s what it takes, I’ll go for it!
I’m not going to ask for permission :-)
Are you in? What’s your START?

“The more people you have to ask for permission, the more dangerous a project gets.” Alain de Botton

Smile, Ella

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