The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness: It’s Usefulness
Darius Foroux

Useful writing Darius Foroux :-) For me it’s the question: how am I going to be useful for this smart talented refugee girl, living in a tent wanting to start a school of art when she is ‘grown up’.

I feel so sorry for her! How little opportunities she has …

That’s why I put all of my time and money for 1,5 year (sabbatical) in sharing my creative and writing and training/teaching talent. I’m a counsellor and teach people how to have ‘energizing communication with troubled youth’ it’s pretty useful I think (next to my voluntering).

BUT … this doesn’t help her! And I have to earn some money (this takes time and I’m not helping her meanwhile), so how do I solve this problem?

Sorry … I never talk about this, only think about it frequently..

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