A Rant on the Current Deflation

Love, the new byword for disposable

I am not my grandfather reminiscing about how 50 LBP was enough to buy a house whereas today 50, 000 LBP barely covers a pair of shoes on sale. That my friends is inflation. Equally, I can’t promise not sounding more archaic than him; like I need to get over a non-crisis because times change and people need to move forward to meet them. I won’t.

I am also not an economist nor one who romanticizes the past into days of glory, but surely even if there is no decline, no literal deflation, there is something disgustingly wrong with our situation.

I don’t even know where to begin on this one. So I’ll just start by saying that until I’m paid to look like a model, I’m not going to starve myself. Although this isn’t specifically what my rant is about.

I’m not buying the “You need to look after yourself and stay healthy” excuse (for skipping meals) anymore. For years I did not know what was wrong with me, I was constantly unwell, and my performance in sports and then university were severely impacted… I thought I was eating enough and healthily (I am a Medical Science student after all), but clearly my body didn’t think so- although it looked like all the images around me. You know, the way I am supposed to look! Right? Wrong. I wasn’t healthy and that was up to my body to decide.

I will no longer jeopardize my education and future for a flat stomach. There is enough competition to get into the workforce and stay there that I can’t allow myself to be disadvantaged by even this. I am already so thin that I might be invisible as I still try to add more assets to my worthless frame. For even if I were to become visible, I would still remain disposable.

Now to all those well-meaning people I interact with in my society that insist that because there is competition (of course glossed in sugar), plastic surgery is on par with taking regular showers and washing your clothes; I refuse that. The idea that I should always strive for perfection in beauty no matter the cost because there is competition from other women is revolting! For what, to win what? The affections of a man who will never be satisfied?

I refuse to be pitted like a gladiator. I would rather die at my own hand because today as a girl that is where my value lies. Or rather, lack of. There is so much supply after all.

In case that wasn’t degrading enough, my looks will not suffice without a degree from Harvard Medical School (or Law), a certificate from an outstanding culinary school, a status as singer, dancer and/or model, to deem my finger potentially worth a ring by him who may not even be ‘worth’ half of what I am!

Furthermore, he is putting up with the torture of being with only me for the rest of my life. I NEED to be grateful… AND unconcerned about competition.

Now I am not suggesting that these are unworthy pursuits- even the appearance department is undeniably important to a certain extent! However, I am enraged that I have no value to him besides that which I can add to him… pendingly too.

And no, the problem is not that I am clingy.

I know my inherent value is not in him, whoever he may be. In fact, I won’t even look at him until we see eye to eye on this: that I am valuable, irreplaceably so.

I am not another piece of art in his museum. I refuse to be in constant competition with shadows he denies exist because sex is cheap, and love is cheaper still.

Love has become a byword for disposable, and you tell me we have no deflation? Even our language suffers.

When relationships are disposable, people are disposable.
Why stop there? Let’s be realistic. Life is disposable if it is not worth something to you. You can do away with it.

It’s almost like those watching the world behind their thick black curtains have imparted their values to us, or was this something always within us that we’ve hidden behind our thick black curtains?

If it’s not worth something significant to them, nations can fight and crumble, multitudes can starve, die, and wash up on shores, all in quiet erasure…

They are the economy after all; they can sell us lies, tell us what everything is worth so that we buy rubbish at the rate of rubies. They can convince us that showcased sexuality is always empowerment, that shackles are bracelets of freedom, that progress always means progressing, that life is about our fulfillment-- really anything, whatever it takes to appease us. Although it’s never really about you or me, they lie because there is something to gain. For example, we are told peace is most profitable when truly war is being sold behind closed doors. I told you, it isn’t about you or me -except when we are profitable to them.

And the sizes of the lies are irrelevant, you can’t really measure it that way. Small unobvious ones often add up to become the most important ones in the long-run.

Furthermore, it’s not like most of what they say is completely false either. They just sell us truth diluted in lies, and we drink it up for the droplets of truth.

We now agree with them. We now are a tame mob.

After all, the best way to control the world is to keep the mob in check. Captivate them by the bloodbath in the arena, distract them from reality, entertain them, and they’ll love you for it. Simultaneously, this subliminally reinforces who is in control and they won’t fight against you- can’t fight against you. They are sedated and dependent, all whilst you remain more hidden than a shadow’s shadow.

It’s quite difficult to fight things you can’t see.

Similarly on the world stage, practice the art of distraction and illusion, don’t be afraid to use smoke and mirrors. Like a magician, leave them spellbound. Infuse action sequences, sweeping gestures, even toss in chaos, that’s where they’ll look, but we both know that the magic is never really there.

Today, for example, our eyes are drawn out there; to wars in certain corners of the world, but the magic isn’t there. It’s nearer than you think. The magic starts unfolding in the corners of your own mind.

There’s a battle there for everything you hold dear, or not, depending on the economy these days. There’s a battle for your personal worth, for the value of your life, and for the value of the lives of others. Even still the others that you don’t see, that don’t exist to you.

Some moments they will convince us that if we cannot conform to their manufactured standards of success impeccably, we are disposable and worthless. Alternatively, without letting go of the former belief they try to also convince us in blatant paradox, that the sun itself rises just for us every day. So much so, we forget the inherent significance of others that its rays also touch.

Therefore, the only hope we have of winning this war is by calling out the lies on the battlefields of our minds before they can take ground.

Moreover, don’t let them persuade you that our condition as humanity is unredeemable.

That is another lie.


It seems to me the truth is hard to come by these days; maybe that’s why it isn’t sold on the market.

Priceless things aren’t often found there.

However, priceless things can be used to redeem.

That’s how Love saves and is saved.