What Makes Brands Better Than Others?

We live in a brand driven world. A world where there is an endless competition of brands taking place almost in every extent. With more than lakhs of em’ around, no wonder you get confused easily for even selecting a Kirby pin. Things get a notch up when we step into the fashion industry though.

With over thousand brands, the current market is well nourished and fleshed. ‘Brand matters and we provide the best’, this seems to be the punchline of the majority of brands present. But, the real question is “Which one should I go for? Should I go for a branded one or not?”

So, we came up with a brief solution for this situation. The following article will help you to understand what makes brands better than others…

  1. The Logo

When we are talking about any brands, their logo might be the first image that pops up in our mind. Does a brand’s logo really help you in deciding them over the others? Well, yes! It does…A brands logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behavior and its values. Have you noticed something similar between every brand out there? They keep their logos simple and compact to make it catchy enough.

2. Brand story

Brand stories might be one of the best marketing strategies out there. Just like us the customers, every brand has their own story. Similarly, some might be better than others. So in this field brands have an upper hand from the others as they can hone their stories to perfection and subsequently use them as their marketing tools. The brand story tells the company’s past and the origin and their vision towards a better tomorrow. A well polished and beefy brand story gains brands raving fans and clients.

3. Quality Consistency

Now, this isn’t something one can gain overnight or just through journal exercises. When consumers buy a product they will be hoping for a long-term use. This is where brands really outshine the others in the market. For example, if you are planning to get some serve ware for your kitchen, you’ll definitely be hoping to use the set for a minimum 3 years. This is brands like Gordan Ramsey and Corelle lives up to the consumer’s hopes. Recognized brand names have typically shown a consistency in product quality which has contributed to the evolution of the brand.

4. Value and Price

Most of us have a myth in our mind that brands are too costly. Well, they are when compared to the others but, their pricing model not only considers the cost of materials and labor charges but also the type of materials they are using, design process, artistic talent, and uniqueness. When you are considering these as a whole they price they put on their products shows absolute justice.

5. They Keep The Market Alive

With their tight competition and sweet rivalry, brands play a major role in keeping the market alive. They show off unique and catchy products in every expo. The others are just forced to replicate the design and technology created by the brands.

6. Value Customers

Customers are the heart and soul of a brand. The big names in the market clearly know this and make sure each and every of their customers are satisfied and happy with their buy. They also take the liberty in offering discounts and giveaways to their customers to maintain a good relationship. As of bigger brands, their customers itself acts as their medium for promotion.


As to conclude, choosing a brand will save decision-making time. For example, if you are browsing for phones in Amazon, it might get you back with almost 8,722,723 results. But when you search Samsung phones the result will be sorted to 1,602 results. Choosing a brand will always be a better choice that you’ll never regret.

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