Forgotten Home

You are where we belong. A home where we were hone.Your whispering gentle breeze, consoles our distressed hearts. Your luxuriant grass hushed our agonized minds. Your cool crystal waters calm our worried body. The shimmering gems of the night sky brings serenity to our soul. Your robust trees strengthens us as well. The birds sing your ravishing melodies. You are where we belong to. A nature we call our home.

But what happened now? Have you change? Or did we made the changes? The gentle breeze blackened. The greens wilted and withered. The children of your seas were outnumbered with scraps. The once forested mountain was now a bald lonely hill with growing cemented edifice. We wanted modernization that it came to the point where we forgetten it’s better to have the old you.

Tempests and earthquakes are your disregarded protests. Maladies are the aftermath of our unlawlessness. Seems like everyone doesn’t hear your cries, your plead to stop the destruction. Seems like everyone is blinded by the idea of too much improvement that it leads to your doom.

Mother nature how art thou? Brothers and sisters when will you be awakened? Replant and reclaim the old paradise. Be more connected to your natural surroundings. Educate yourselves with how to keep the natural world. Let’s reconnect and let not be fragments of those who forgotten home.

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