My First Solo Trip to the Exotic Land of Nepal

I set myself off alone for the first time. Went there not knowing anyone and no idea exactly where to go and what to do. But Nepal warmly welcomed me. Despite the scars from the massive earthquake and some political unrest, it is a completely safe destination.

People cared just because they do care, they helped out just because they want to. Never felt so close to home. Rich culture, compassionate people, beautiful nature. Most are living on less but still finds abundance.

Everything breathed in peace.

I did what I felt like doing at the moment, as it happen. Trusting my instincts whether to say yes or no.

I wander the vibrant capital street day and night, turning left right and sometimes walking back along the same path. It’s alright. It is my journey, my sole trip.

With every alley I ventured, I discovered good and not so good places to stay and eat.

Locals thought I’m Nepali, Tibetan or Chinese. Mostly Chinese as they greeted me ni hao a lot.

I was shopping for books on Tibetan history and religion ;

Listening to folk music and thinking of buying their album ;

Getting myself a cello-like Nepali instrument and end up giving it away as a gift.

Then I found myself feeding pigeons at the temple, right in the middle of a lake ;

Sitting at the edge of a boat and paddling forward to turn our boat back to the shore ;

Making my way through spiral staircase leading to the depths of the cave ; of which you cannot explore during summer when the water is up

In between all these, I was taking videos and photos while riding a motorbike. Yes, I have imagined what could happen but I managed anyway.

One of the seven days started with a cup of herbal tea and homemade bread while admiring the beautiful Himalayas. Those that turn into rosy snow capped mountains as the sun rise above them. Breathtaking.

I was harvesting some greens from the garden and eating them for lunch ;

Going up to the temple, sending my prayers to their Gods and Godesses

Consulting a Tibetan doctor and actually trying to follow her instructions ; Well, that’s after a night of billiards, shisha, and beer.

I also enjoyed lazy walk along the lakeside ;

Lying down on the ground and bending upward to surrender myself to it ;

Sleeping the whole afternoon on the hammock and waking up as the sun set behind the green mountains ;

Craving for local soup and dumplings during a chilly evening ;

Playing guitar and singing my heart out in front of unknown crowd. I don’t care, and maybe they don’t care too.

I threw my worries away and fully owned those days. Traveling alone was not a form of escape but a way to make sure that life won’t escape me. There I was connecting with people and enjoying the process. But there were also days of solitude that I chose to embrace. It was such an experience.

It was liberating.