on the Weather

I hate small talk. I hate small talk about the weather even more. But here I am, writing about the weather. What a hypocrite. I apologise to everyone who also hates discussions about the weather. Never the less, here is what I wrote.

“Does LA ever have a winter?”

I asked myself this question every single day for 3 weeks as I looked out to the sundrenched city from my apartment window every morning. And the answer to the question? Nope. Compared to the East Coast (#westcoastisthebestcoast), the whole of California doesn’t have a winter, and especially not Los Angeles.

Of the 3 weeks I spent in LA during January and February (the supposed ‘winter’ months), I saw it rain once. The temperature averaged 28°C (85°F for all my American fans). I carried a jumper in my backpack, but rarely did I ever put it on. I legitimately wore varying combinations of jeans and t-shirts for the entire time I spent in LA. And even then, most days I regretted the jeans part of my outfit, and wish I had committed to shorts in the morning. There are blue skies and sunshine every. single. day. The days I spent at Disneyland were particularly hot, it reached 32°C (90°F) on both days, without a single breeze. Hello sunburnt shoulders. The weather was so good that I actually got annoyed, I had brought my big coat, and I wanted to wear it god damn it.

LA — sunny and very warm (I was tempted to take this shirt off I was so hot)

If travelling to LA for ‘winter’ (it really isn’t a winter, lets be honest) I would highly recommend bringing

- denim shorts

- t-shirts

- a light weight blouse

- a pair of jeans

- and a hoodie (or other jumper) to keep in your back pack

San Francisco, while only 614 km (382 miles) apart, is a different story all together. There was still plenty of sunshine, but the temperature did not get higher than 20° for the entire week I was there (beginning of February). The wind is straight off the Bay, and as a result, very cold.

San Fran — sunny but oh so cold

If travelling to San Francisco for winter (this is not much compared to a New York winter, but a winter never the less) I would recommend bringing:

- jeans

- boots, or other closed toe footwear (not converse or vans)

- warm pjs

- t-shirts

- a nice big jacket/really warm jumper

Going up to San Francisco was enough to satisfy my desire to feel cold and wear a big coat. Yet I appreciated Los Angeles for its ability to maintain my Australian tan.