Prioritising self-care daily with a busy schedule.

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There’s a fine balance between being productive and feeling stressed when trying to get things done. Because life is stressful. And according to The American Institute of Stress, the biggest stressor in our lives is work. We feel pressured to get as much work done in as small a time frame as possible, yet we’re also expected to do a good job.

The key is to find a healthy balance between work, productivity, stress and self-care. We need to work hard while also taking a break when it’s time to recharge our batteries. When we spend too much time working and feeling stressed, we don’t prioritise our health and self-care — because it’s all about getting ahead of the game. So how do we find our way back to self-care, even during the most stressful times? …

How to create goals that lead to great results.

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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

This quote by Henry Ford is one of my favorites. I love using this thought process for my goals and thinking about what I want to achieve. Because ultimately, if we’re afraid of something, that fear will eventually turn into our reality.

Are you afraid of success?

I ask this because research has shown that our fear of success stems from our self-confidence. We are more afraid of the consequences of success than succeeding. Let me explain.

Judgment, jealousy, and criticism are all parts of growth that we have to face. We’re social creatures who strive for acceptance, being liked, and welcomed. We don’t want to sabotage our chances of being supported because someone thinks we’re “better than” someone else. …

You’re not too busy. Here’s why

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“If you have dreams you want to pursue, the time is now. There is no perfect time, and there is no better time. There is only the time you lose while you’re making excuses.”
― Holly Lisle

One of the first things we learn in life is to wait. We are told to wait for the adults to finish speaking, wait for the test results, wait for the promotion, etc.

So we also wait for the right time to pursue our dreams.

We dream of the day our dreams come true, but we’re often dreaming of the right time to pursue them. We create ideal scenarios in our minds where everything just falls into place, but we always think of our busy schedule and say “I don’t have time for this yet”. …

How to regain motivation and want to keep going

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“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

We all have dreams and aspirations. There is always something we want to accomplish, big or small. And even though we feel great once we achieve hard-earned goals, sometimes the size of a big project can make us feel stuck in the process.

That is why it’s good to set reasonable goals that don’t take too much time or effort to complete. I always have a few smaller plans along with my main project, to have something to kick-start my inspiration now and again.

Motivation can come and go, and that’s normal. Everyone experiences a lack of it sometimes. But when it becomes a daily challenge to sit down and get work done, it might be time to evaluate what the cause is, and how we can regain our motivation. …

Hint: it might help you succeed

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I’ve never had a lot of money.

I got $120 every month when I went to school, but once I dropped out, I had no source of income for a year. I saved the last of it and started searching for a way to make money online, instead.

In those months where I bought nothing at all, it made me rethink my choices when it came to spending my money.

The thing is that just about everyone who doesn’t have a lot of money spends a lot of time thinking about it because they have to. …

This small change will help you become more efficient

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We think that the key to success is hard work, dedication, time management, and commitment. Sprinkle in a little passion for our profession, and we’re well on our way to growing a successful business, right?

Actually, this list of ingredients isn’t complete. What’s missing? The binder that holds everything together, also known as creativity.

Running a business is all about thinking one step ahead of your competitors. A study by Adobe and Forrester consulting shows that 82% of companies believe that there’s a strong connection between creativity and business results:

“This study found that companies that embrace creativity outperform peers and competitors on key business performance indicators, including revenue growth, market share, and talent acquisition.” …

The strategies I used to write over 13,000 words every day

A woman sitting on a bed writing in a notebook with a laptop on her lap
A woman sitting on a bed writing in a notebook with a laptop on her lap
Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

I got an email a few days ago from my grammar and spell checker that said “You’re a Writing Machine!” which was a nice kick in the butt to my thoughts about how I haven’t been writing enough lately.

3,392,571 words in nine months, and 13,800 words every day.

I can say right now that I haven’t actually written so many words every day. After going through my emails and draft duplicates, it turns out that I copy-and-pasted around 100,000 of the words in the word count.

But for someone like me, with English as a second language, and who is new to the whole writing thing, writing over 13,000 words every day is a lot. …

Skip the affirmations; ask yourself questions instead.

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I’ve always been told to have a positive mindset. I’m reminded of it almost daily when my grandma always tells me to “Keep my happy switch on.

But when we become obsessed with positive thinking, we’re forcing ourselves to bottle up our emotions.

A study from 2013 shows that pushing our emotions aside causes an increased risk of premature death by 30 percent. Additionally, it also made the chances of getting cancer as high as 70 percent.

Another study shows that when we neglect our negative emotions, they come back stronger than before. If we hold our emotions in, we will actively think about them and go over them in our minds. …

Massive results after only 14 days

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Firstly, let’s make it clear that I’m a ‘shower in the evening’ type of person.

I never have the energy nor motivation to shower in the morning. However, the evening is also when I typically feel the most anxious, so showering is often something I don’t really want to do.

Secondly, I can’t be the only one who always thought that the people splashing cold water on their faces in movies to calm down seemed unrealistic. Surely that’s not a thing that people do, right? No one I’ve ever known does that when they feel stressed or anxious.

But now, after reading a lot about the benefits of cold showers and trying it for myself, I think I understand how some cold water could help us relax. …

How to rewrite bad memories and change your future

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The bad news is that life is always changing, but the good news is that you are in charge of your story. If we want to erase the past and start new, we can tear out the pages and begin writing a new story.

We sometimes feel like we can’t move on from our past because we hold on to our memories in hopes of avoiding the same mistakes in the future.

But we keep those memories alive by thinking about them. If we would let them go, we wouldn’t have to be afraid of history repeating itself. …


Ella Pearson

Thinker of thoughts, dreamer of dreams, writer of words. Passionate about personal development and kindness. Doing what I can to help and inspire others.

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