Contextual Inquiry

I sat down with my user, who used my laptop, to browse Meet-Up for events. She typed Google into the search bar in Safari, then typed meet up in Google’s search engine.

I explained what a contextual inquiry/interview involved and said that I simply wanted to watch her as she used the website to find an event to go to. I asked that she talk me through everything she was doing and noted I might ask a few questions.

The Meet-Up site opened up and she went to log-in, top right. ‘ I can’t remember if I used my Facebook log in credentials’ she said as she typed in her email and password, it turns out she didn’t. But a mini window popped up with ‘log in with Facebook/ Google’ somehow popped up ‘oh my god that’s annoying’ she said trying to close it.

Once she had logged in, she went to the search bar; ‘ I always use the search bar, sometimes I’ll look at the calender depending whether I’m free’.

She then typed in Singing and used the drop down menu to select within a 2 miles radius, in Vancouver (which was already set as per her settings.)

She scrolled through the events as I think she already had one in mind, Impromtu Rock Choir,she instinctively clicked on the name which took her through to their page within the Meet-Up site. She scrolls up and down to read a bit of the info, checks the date it’s on, goes to the top right of the page ‘Are you going?’ and she hits yes. Her mouse is hovering absentmindedly over another user profile, Kevin, ‘Go away Kevin, argh’. A seperate window pops up asking whether she is going with anyone else ( a way of inviting someone else to attend the same event) but it’s just her — just me.

Her next port of call is her profile so she clicks her face, top right of the screen, where she explains she can edit her profile here, edit her interests. She notes again that she always uses the search bar and points out the date appears of her next event in the top right of this header panel. Sometimes she might click on groups (to the right of the search bar).

Her next step is to check her email to see if she has received an email confirmation for the event, then she will use the calendar on her phone and manually add the event to remind herself.

She will then go to Facebook and search for the event to see who else might be going on there. I asked why she goes to Facebook ‘because I like to cross check the event.’

When she is on the event page on Meet-Up it tells her what other events people are going to (who are attending this event). She can also click on the ‘hashtags’ (themes/subjects) and see what event suggestions appear. ‘That’s how Ifound this group, by clicking the singing hashtag’.

I asked why she had 16 notifications (on the bell symol top right next to profile picture.) She hasn’t logged in for the last 2 weeks so they had accumulated, but she noted they were a handy way to see the status of events.

I asked why she went to facebookseperately and didn’t share the event immediately from the event page on Meet-Up, ‘I might have missed the Facebook logo’.. she looked at the event page again ‘I can’t find it, it doesn’t even have a logo’.

I asked how she founf out about Meet-Up — her friend had hosted some creative workshops which she had attended and decided to join after that.

I asked her how she might find an event she had an interest in, if she were travelling to the West coast.

She typed singing into the search engine, then 2 miler radius, then typed Nova Scotia (and a couple of other places), but only 2 events popped up which were in east Van. ‘Oh, maybe the location is programmed into my account so i can’t find anything outside’ ‘Maybe it defaults to my location if nothing is available in those specified locations?’’But it didn’t appear/pop up that anything was unavailable.’

‘I don’t use the app, I don’t see that it wouldn’t be a good thing to have but I don’t want notification overkill and I have so many other apps.’ ‘ Meet-Up email you anyway (to remind you of events)’.

‘If I wanted to create an event I’d go here, but I’ve never created one before.’ She went to the top right an clicked on the button to show me how to create an event.

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