What is #ellatehin?

#ellatehin is an online campaign against ISIS. It is an outcry against the atrocities and ill-doings of a murderous group that has no ideology but killing, raping, and destroying. The goal is to rally support from around the world in the battle against ISIS.

What remains from ISIS after the Iraqis are done with them (Curtesy of WikiHow.com)

What does #ellatehin mean?

#ellatehin is a phrase in Arabic used by one of Iraq’s PMU fighters nicknamed Abu Azrael (the Angel of Death).

The word ‘ella’ means ‘unless’ in Arabic and the word ‘tehin’ means ‘flour’. In one of the vidoes showing Abu Azrael preparing to fight against ISIS, he made a promise to the world:

“We won’t let ISIS go unless (we grind them to) flour”

In Iraqi slang, the phrase ‘grind to flour’ in the context of fighting mean crushing or smashing to death. What better way to deal with ISIS and its sick ideology!

#ellatehin spreads

Abu Azrael’s promise has been circulating in Iraqi and social media for a while now. He keeps reminding the world about it every time he signs off the videos he shoots from the battleground.

Some non-Iraqis have started use the phrase as well. We want his promise to become global. This is why we started our #ellatehin campaign.

How can I support?

The closest thing to the #icebucketchallenge would be asking people to dump a bucket full of flour on their heads and challenge others to do so. But we guess that would be a little bit too messy, although we wouldn’t mind if you’d like to show your support this way.

Easier way(s) to show support are:

Ride a bike

Abu Azrael has a video where he rides a bike in the liberated city of Tikrit and jokes around. At the end, he shouts: #ellatehin.

If you like biking, love jokes, and hate ISIS, ride a bike, shout #ellathin, and share your video with us.

Decorate your cast

In one of the battles, Abu Azrael broke his arm and had to wear a cast. Nevertheless, he kept fighting.

If you are wearing a cast right now, decorate it with #ellatehin and send us a picture.

Bake a cake and drink some tea

Among the bombs, Abu Azrael once found a teapot. He took it to cook some tea for himself and the other fighters.

Since it is all about flour, you could bake a cake, decorate it with #ellatehin and drink some tea with it. While you do so, remember the fighters in the battle against ISIS. And of course don’t forget to send us a picture of your cake.

If that is too much for you, create a video shouting #ellatehin or just use the hashtag on your social networks.

How does this matter?

By doing so, you show the fighters against ISIS that you appreciate their sacrifice. Remember, they are not only fighting on behalf of the Iraqis, but also the whole world.