This product makes your stovetop safer than ever

Have you ever burnt yourself grabbing the handle of a pot or leaning on a part of the stove you didn’t know was on? Well you never have to worry about that ever again with this revolutionary product.

College students have very limited options in where they can live and how much money they can spend on cooking utensils. Often college students are just beginning to cook for themselves and acquainting themselves with their new apartment kitchen, this leaves students at risk for getting burnt and injured while cooking.

Glove Process Work

The design of the anti-burn glove is lightweight and allows for easy movement for all cooking motions but still protects while cooking on a stove top.

Material testing

The protective areas are made on neoprene and are heat resistant. The spots on the palm of the glove when grabbing a pan come together to protect the entire palm without any discomfort. The spots on the fingers are large enough to protect from heat and also allow for the user to wear the glove while chopping and preparing food.

Range of Motion

The final model is a sleek safe way to keep your hands protected while cooking.

Final Model