Everybody Talks (Martian Assignment)

How do we pick out what we wear in the morning? Okay, so it is 60 degrees outside I wear jean, but what jeans? Why are my favorite jeans my favorite? How come I choose a shirt with my jeans and then change my jeans again? Why do I have so many jeans? Why do I have so many shirts?

Today I had the pleasure of meeting someone new. I learned many interesting attributes about my neighboring desk mate, Bridget, but her last name was not one of them. She explained to me what her image of a perfect day is, how she felt about small bugs, and how brand names do not interest her one bit. At some point in this twenty minutes the assignment changed into an experience, and I was able to discover traits about myself and Bridget.

Bridget is motivated by her future. She wants to have a happy life, so she is working on creating a future she is content with. I noticed is while she was talking something clicked in her mind, and she clarified that she is enjoying her present, but preparing for the future. It made me think about how in college it is all about what is next, and not so much about what is now. I am currently planning where I am living next year, and that is in a whole year! So much can change by then, so how could I possibly know what I want now?

One of the more martian-based questions was “Who is your ruler?”. I found this very interesting because Bridget did not know what to say, so I tried to help by rewording it. I didn’t know if she felt independent of her parents, or if she felt like she was her own boss. She eventually answered in such a sweet way saying: “I make my own decisions, but sometimes I need my mom”. Don’t we all?

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