Food Writing Reflection

Class was incredibly enjoyable this evening. I struggled with coming up with questions because I know little about food, and Lori Fredrich pointed out that very few of my questions had to do with food itself. As a people-person, I was more curious about what the customers and employees thought of the food, so I decided to gear my questions in that direction.

It was not challenging for me to approach the worker I chose to interview, but I was nervous that I was interrupting something important. As someone who has worked as a waitress, I know that there is always something to be working on. I was worried that he would not want to talk to us, and I tried to expedite the conversation because of that. On the other hand, I would have loved it if someone gave me a little break by asking questions and maybe Frank would have as well.

I also enjoyed talking to my peers about my interview, and although I was being silly talking about the Corn Bread Muffins, it ended up being a good theme to write off of. I learned that it’s true that talking about an experience really does help summarize what was most important about it.

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