Reflection 10/11

It was very different to look back on my own work from this semester with new eyes. Sometimes I will look back on my high school essays and wonder what I was thinking, but this work was from only a few weeks ago.

The person who reviewed my work did not label anything as boring, annoying, or confusing. She pointed out a couple spots where I was wordy and losing my thought. I agreed with her points and it helped me edit my work.

One thing I really enjoyed about my post was the first paragraph. I just rambled off questions that came to my head when asking the question “how do you decide what to wear in the morning?”. The way I ask the questions used concision.

My writing was not concise in other areas. I took out full sentences with the goal of not being so wordy. I realized that I tend to dance around the point instead of going straight to it. If I focus on my story-telling abilities I will be much better off in my writing.

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