Reflection (9/13)

My peers and I asked a range of different questions; some of them were deep, and others were silly. I did not find it difficult to come up with questions or reword them the second time around. For example, the first time I asked “When was the last time you called your parents?”, because how often someone calls his or her parents speaks volumes to who they are. The second time around I asked “How are your parents?”, and that gives my the person a chance to answer how deeply they want. I found it a little difficult to listen to my partner, because I am a talker. She had very interesting views and it got better as time went on, but I could not bear to sit in silence to let her think because I was too worried about it being awkward. Once I got over that initial fear it was much smoother.

This experience is something that I could not have had anywhere else. I followed my curiousity on why we choose what clothes to wear in the morning (but I did not find a satisfying answering). I used fresh eyes in meeting someone for the first time. I wondered how she sees the world we are both living in. I had only twenty minutes to talk with Bridget. It felt shorter, but what I discovered shows much more than that short time would normally allow. Maybe it is because we did not have phones to distract us or our grades could depend on it, but I like to believe that it is because we are curious, caring beings.