The Truth About Corn Bread Muffins

As I was riding a Bublr Bike down to the Public Market, I was anticipating the delicious Corn Bread Muffin from The Soup Market. I have been craving one all summer long because there is just something special about them. Despite the fact that the sun was shining and I was breaking a sweat on my way to the counter, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I asked the worker, Frank, what the most popular menu item was at The Soup Market, and I when I thought I would hear “Corn Bread Muffin”, I really heard “African Peanut Soup”. What is African Peanut Soup? People like that? Isn’t, like, everyone allergic to peanuts? I asked him about the Corn Bread Muffins: Do people like them as much as I do? Do you make them here? He shook it off explaining that people like them, but the soup is what The Soup Market is all about. I understood that it is called The Soup Market and not The Corn Bread Muffin Market.

At this point I knew Frank was not as big of a Corn Bread Muffin fan as I am, so I asked what his favorite menu item is and he answered he loved the Chicken Caesar Wrap. To me that seemed like a boring food to order, but maybe Chili and Corn Bread is boring to Frank. So my name must be everyone, and “everyone” loves Corn Bread Muffins.

Overall, what I learned is that everything is not what it seems. I live in my own world as a Marquette student who loves Chili and Corn Bread Muffins regardless of the weather. Simply because I love something does not mean everyone else will as well. I always knew everyone is unique and that seems like such a simple concept to understand, but when I did not get the answers I wanted, it challenged me. I needed to think on my feet to keep the conversation flowing. My peers appointed me as the one to approach Frank, so I felt responsible for his comfort. I now know that not all situations will be what you expect and comfortable, but you can learn from them all.