The day you decide

Is today going to be the day?

The day you finally look down upon yourself, witnessing the absurdity of indecision, the tension caused by your unflattering behaviour in which those who choose to shuffle through life encourage you with their pathetic understanding,

speaking into your weakness,

validating your fears,

soothing you into complacency

as anything more passionate, more blazing, feels uncomforable in their midst

having surrendered their iconic power in childhood.

Of course they will give you all the stats, all the historical data, all their reasons for why things are the way they are

and you can slow down more and more, they’re okay with that,

and you can give up easily, they’re okay with that,

and you can break your promises to yourself, they’re okay with that,

and you can hang your head in defeat, they’re okay with that.

But are you okay with it?

When you know

you KNOW

this moment is temporary and fleeting

and you can allow it to define your tomorrow


you can finally look down upon yourself

and decide

to BE who you came here to be.

You can decide to finally raise your standards for yourself to excellence

in every area of your life

from your body — how you train, how you fuel, how you rest, how you move

to your relationships — deep, real connection on all levels the only acceptable norm

to your business — no longer looking at the 80% closing their doors, your focus lasered in on the 20% who thrive.

You get to decide what you want,

understanding that until you do,

you’re simply going through the motions,

expending precious energy

wasting precious life time.

So will today be THAT day for you?

The day when you sit down and write down that which will be your non-negotiables from this moment forward

and then

holding yourself to those non-negotiables

without argument from your fears — make those bitches SUBMIT TO YOU for they are here to serve you, not enslave you;

without consideration of your BS excuses — decapitate them without mercy for as long as you keep them alive they will poison your mind with their venomous lies based in the realm of victimhood;

without concern of the nay-sayers, the doubters, the non-believers — walk away from them for you did not come here to save those who choose to have a life experience of convinced powerlessness.

I dare you to walk into the presence of Icons

with your head held proudly

and your spirit remaining humble

never asking them to lower the bar for you

instead doing whatever the hell it takes for you to reach the beam

and not stopping

for in the realm of the BEST

the fun is in the consistent and continuous raising of the bar.

Competition is not about crushing the weak

it’s about enhancing strength, ability and creativity

from a space of deep respect

NEVER robbing another from an opportunity to break through their glass ceilings

NOT killing the butterflies by cutting them free when they need the moment of decision to push power into their wings and fly!

I dare you to defy your own beliefs of what is not possible for you.

I dare you to raise the bar for yourself every single day regardless of high it already is.

I dare you to eradicate mediocre behaviour from your every day.

I dare you

to be


For anything less than your magnificence

is an insult to your legacy.

Let’s play 👊

PS: Everything starts with an vision, built upon an immovable decision, from where the aligned actions are illuminated.

Anything less than this, will leave you spinning your wheels deeper into the mud, expending massive amounts of energy with zero traction and even less progress.

Quite frankly, life is too short for this socially acceptable approach.

Ignite is for you when you’re hungry for MORE. It’s the overhaul required to rise to your next level without any of the fluff or run-around BS on the field of normality.

Ignite is committing to going ALL IN with me.

Ignite is not what you want — It’s what you NEED to remove the imposed limitations in your mind that has you playing where you’re at, rather than where you want to be next.

Life is happening TODAY, in the decision you make RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.



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Elle Nagy

Elle Nagy


Self-leadership expert & Author speaking to the heart of the human experience.