Morag McDonald Professional Context Session 22/03/17

Re sizing images for webpage:


· Get head round light room, to resize and organize. Enables you to ‘blanket’ resize images and move them all to a new folder.

Photoshop Actions:

· Windows > Actions > Open actions plait > New folder at bottom of page >Bottom right corner to create new action. Automate > Fit image.

· You can stop an action recording buy pressing ‘stop’ in bottom left corner.

To change pixels:

· Adjust pixels (Don’t enlarge)

To change Sharpness:

· Filter> Sharpen> Unsharp Mask> Adjust

· To ‘play’ action on another photograph: Select photograph> Select Action folder> Press ‘play’

· To get rid of an action: Open Desired ‘action folder’> Drag and delete ‘action layer’

· For whole folder retouch: select action folder > file > Automate > Batch > Select whole folder from computer.

What we are marked on:

· A website I understand, failures and achievements.

· Evidence what we are doing.

· Blog about web design

· Describe what we are learning

· Ease of use

Business Planning:

Why do you make a business plan?

· For your self

· For loans from a bank

· To gain Clients

creating a business plan — Writing a business plan`

List of useful resources:

Register for Self Assessment:

Business finance explained:

2016 Govt Creative industries — sector worth of Creative Industries:

Full report:

Guardian article:

Key ideas

· Know your figures

· Language

· Keep format/sections but make exciting

Online Resources:



· Startup Doughnut

· Proposal

· Hootsuite

· Start Up Loans

They follow sections:

· Executive summary — write last so you can be succinct-

· Brief Overview

· Mission statement

· Business aims

· Who you/we are

· Time table

· Financial Forecast

· Financial Summary

Templates will guide you through the business planning process. Notes under each section are points to consider and get the ball rolling.

You don’t need to include every point but will need to complete each section and tailor the contents to suit your own business.

A business plan helps you to set out your ideas when starting a business but don’t forget to revisit every once in a while to see if you are on track or need to make changes.

Carry out a SWOT analysis of your business idea and product/service in relation to the market opportunity and existing competition


· Strengths

· Weakness

· Opportunities

· Threats

*** Remember to test your plan. Re-read it and see if you would believe it — ask a couple of friends/colleagues to read through it and give their thoughts.

Introduction in to Financial Forecasting:

[Regarding BEE — Cash inflows divided by two and call it Joint Enterprise]

- Cash Flow Forecast

- Marketing budget

- Try to make 1–3 years of forecasting

- Consider part time work, be realistic.