Personal Branding : Kimberly Russell 02/03/17

Personal Brand: What is it ?

  • The thoughts and feelings which arise in others when they think of you .
  • A coherent persona — Who are you ? Who do you want to be ?
  • Demonstrating your strengths, interests, values and goals.
  • An online presence that supports your offline CV.

Personal Brand: What is theirs?

A great way to think about how to market yourself is to do a quick brainstorm on how you would describe some more than well known characters. This gets the ball rolling and allows you thinking about great characteristics that you may want to have in your branding strategy.

Personal Brand: Organisations too:

Brand Values — When I think of how I wish to be perceived many different key phrases come to mind but these made the short list:

  • Trust
  • professionalism
  • personal-ability/ communication
  • Honesty
  • Ethics/ sustainability
  • Going the extra mile
  • Consistent and reliable

Why have a personal brand ?

Having a clear personal brand helps you to become clearer on who you are and where you want to be. With this obvious direction others will understand who you are and which direction you may want to go in. This will in turn put you in a strong position to network and build a strong position to network and build professional relationships.

Personal Brand: Your toolkit?


  • Twitter/ Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Soundcloud/ Spotify
  • Websites/ Blogs
  • Portfolio Sites


  • CV
  • Business Cards
  • Portfolios
  • Face-to-face

To me it is all about creating likability, the extra thought that goes in to something. In my long term plan, if and when I have my own business I would want to really broaden my options for branding, and use a few of these tactics:

  • Branded coffee sleeves
  • Work Spotify- playlists for every occasion
  • No uniforms as such but the same trainers, customised to match the brands colour scheme.
  • Tote Bags
  • Undeniably gorgeous stationary
  • A mix of branded sweet goods and healthy snacks

This would be the type of company I would want to build.

Personal Brand: CV

Your creative CV needs to feed in to your branding as well. Cleaver design and creativity is often rewarded, however it is never a grantee. As long as your personality oozes out of it you hope thats all you can do and it will be enough.

Personal Brand: Digital footprint

Photos and videos by you and tagged of you, comments and check ins, likes and affiliations. These are all factors that you need to think carefully about, as you never know who will see the posts you share.

Personal Brand: Choices?

  • Multiple channels? Audience?
  • The design, colour and layout
  • How and what you write about, opinions
  • Name/title of your accounts/email
  • Your bio/ summary- consider this your personal elevator pitch.
  • The types of images you upload.

What you upload to Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ Pinterest they all need to feed back in to your practice. After all social media is all about sharing and connecting to people in interactive world to build connections. These are your digital platforms to which there is no end of the possibilities and or opportunities that could come from your content.