Vivian Yorke: Creative CVs 22/03/17

The 30 second rule:

You should think of it as a marketing tool, its purpose — marketing ‘edited highlights’. To showcase your abilities and who you are. However there is no need to include everything you’ve done.

  • Presentation — colour / design / image
  • Showcasing your work
  • Typically one page

When preparing your CV: Ask yourself .. ?

  • What is the purpose of sending this CV?
  • What am I applying for?
  • What do they need to know about me?
  • How can I best present myself?

Not only the above but also what is your voice or focus ?

  • Innovative or simple approach?
  • Promote interest in portfolio / blog?
  • Showcasing a skill?
  • Format — electronic?

How do you market yourself most effectively?

These must be targeted to the role, but how ?

In these situations it is wise to analyse the job description /person specification then to think about your examples for each criteria. Then to act on this by providing the evidence on your CV (and cover letter).But must importantly it is key to do your own research (particularly if applying speculatively).

Anatomy of a CV

  • Contact details/online presence
  • Personal profile (optional)
  • Education & Qualifications
  • Skills (optional)
  • Relevant Experience/Employment
  • Exhibitions /Awards / Residencies (optional)
  • Interests (optional)
  • References on request


  • Short paragraph
  • Outlining pertinent key strengths, experience, qualifications, skills you can offer
  • Gives indication of career aim

Skills: Transferable skills v Specific skills

Those that are transferable : Interpersonal/communication skills — Working to a brief — Critical awareness — Creative problem solving — Time management — Working under pressure — Working in a team — Commercial awareness. If you have skills prove it, back these facts up with relevant work experience where these factors might have come in to play. You need to consider what do you have to offer V what the employer seeks.

Inspiration for a creative CV

Creative CV resources & examples: