“Black on Black, Back to Back”.

Firstly, let me start by saying that this is coming from an analytical point of view.

It could have been a thrilling moment, an opportunity to finally share a piece, feelings, expressions…

As you know, this a particular month. A month where you finally get the chance to take down your weave and wig and breath the fresh air that was crying for help buried under the kinky, Peruvian, or Brazilian curly, straight, or wavy styles we all got going on.

Yes, I said it. I was wearing a wig on Black History Month. Sue me.

So, with my curly Brazilian on, I decided to finally be part of an event, personally I thought was “cool”, and finally get the chance to perform a piece I wrote; half fiction half truth, a sarcasm based on a true story. (Perhaps, that’s why I called it 21st Century Diplomacy, because honestly, I do not know how to remain diplomat in certain periods since one day I ate a hole bag of chips at a cocktail, and forgot to apologize for enjoying it)- I am a villager, do not blame me.

So yeah, some of you might have read 21st Century Diplomacy and thought: “Did this really happen”?, “Hahaha”, or “What is she talking about?” — Yehhh, for that, I do not know how I can answer that, because what goes on in my head are math formulas, mixed with the last episode of The Simpsons I watched, plus the need to absolutely understand the last Bible verse I read, and annoy my pastor with how amazing the scripture was.

January 21st (I know, I like numbers), I auditioned to perform 21st C.D in front of a crowd that I knew will be skeptical, and probably very analytic; but I chose to be bold, challenge myself to challenge minds. I successfully passed the audition by the way (Probably my parley wasn’t too Anglais to be understood. “HAHAHA” {This was a joke}. Let me get to the point here…. As I performed my piece the second time in front of the “same” crowd, I felt a breeze. I do not know how to describe it, but itwas as if the stamina behind their eyes was telling me “Girl, show us your scars so we will believe you; Show us your wound so we would see “Amie” through you”.

Ironically, a message was sent to me minutes later asking to have a pick at the piece. I knew they did not like it (there, I said it)- Probably, it was not that “Soulful” after all, which I could have understood after a truthful analysis I requested the first time. 21st Century Diplomacy turned out to be perceived as “Homophobic”, “Sexist”, worst, “Slut-Shaming”…I was shocked, because my arrow was far from shooting that direction. I guess cupid will never stop messing with me after all…

To all of you reading this, 21st Century Diplomacy, did not have the intent to target the LGBT community, discriminate on gender, and importantly, shame in any type of way. 21st Century Diplomacy, is based on a purely fictional true story (I knew I should have left Mickey in Disney Land). I kept rehearsing the words over and over and over again to understand, to see what was seen…I forfeited because, I could not play a movie to be seen from my mind (An idea for all the tech people out there by the way :p). I do not blame anyone. Or, maybe it was the wig. I SHOULDN’T HAVE WORN A WIG {Joke}.

At least and foremost, I am glad I got to share my soulful drenched expressions. It has been 3 years, but I finally got the chance to shut down the TV… {If you understood that, hellur at me so we can go on Java and binge watch the Simpsons together}.