Mindsets, Tools and Terminology of Experience Design
katie shelly

Thanks, Katie, for sharing! Loved hearing your thoughts. Through your raw emotions, I can tell this is something you’re passionate about — and that’s refreshing.

For me, I struggle with labels. Like, whether you call me this or that — it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that I deeply care about people. And I believe that everything we encounter in life — whether it’s people, processes, tools, technologies — or everyday occurrences such as being greeted with a friendly hello at your favorite store — they are all experiences. And they can either be good or bad. Life is short… make ’em good!

One thing I would add…in your map (which is great — and incredibly helpful, btw), there’s no mention of interior/environmental design. As someone who’s always been interested in the way spaces make us feel, I think coupling the design “lanes” in your map + interior design to create a truly holistic approach is an interesting idea. Ahh — so much to say…so little space! Wish we had a watercooler to chat around… :)

Anyway — thanks again for sharing. I truly enjoyed reading your article & hearing your insights. Till next time!

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