The Most Petulant Scene


No scene in TV history is more “Check out my dolphin tattoo, Mom!” than one from the premier of Gilmore Girls Season 7.

This show is a fantasy of quick-witted optimists, New England scenic beauty, magical and hunky rich benefactors, and eating like a human garbage dump without gaining an ounce or breaking a sweat. This is a beautiful fantasy world that no one — NO ONE wants to leave.

And how do the inconsiderate writers kick off Season 7 after Mommy and Daddy Palladino leave in an unceremonious poof of smoke? An uncalled for, incongruous and, frankly, quite rude scene of the titular Gilmore women *gasp* PLAYING A DAMN SPORT. This scene happens for no reason, provides no plot advancement and basically just allows Lorelai to wear horrible sweatpants one more time and … clean out Luke’s toiletries while looking for a cold compress? (’Cause that logic totally checks out.)

I guess if we’re being fair, they’re more recovering on the floor in sweaty effortless beauty between … sets, matches? I honestly have no idea what sport they’re playing but it’s Gilmore Girls — I SHOULDN’T EVEN HAVE TO PONDER THAT QUESTION.

It’s a little thing really but 10 (10!!) years later it still stings. It’s like a big, sweaty middle finger to the fans saying “This is not the show you came for, this is not what you’re used to. Get ready for warped fun house versions of the meticulously crafted characters you have grown to love. We are going to use, abuse and basically torture all of your faves - so BUCKLE UP!!

I’d really, really just like to know who read this script and thought, “Yeah, this makes sense for these characters and the world of this show.

And I’d like to say I’m over it, I’ve grown, I’ve overcome — but I can’t and I doubt you can either.

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