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Winter is coming, as evidenced by the chilly mornings and shorter days of October. In years past, a timely flu vaccine and a winter coat were all you might need to navigate the winter months. This year, however, will prove a little different thanks to Covid. The uncertainty of the pandemic has caused a greater sense of urgency to be prepared. It is challenging to plan for the ‘somewhat’ unknown. As the winter months approach, the experts are indicating you should have the following supplies on hand.

Cleaning Supplies and Sanitizers

For the past several months nothing has been in shorter supply than sanitizing wipes and sprays. Thankfully, cleaning and sanitizing supplies have recently become more available. Now is a great time to restock your supply. Most stores will limit how many cleaning supply items you can purchase so be sure to pick up one item on each shopping trip. Be mindful, these types of products degrade over time so be careful not to overstock your supply. …

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Unless you have been unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic, health and wellness are a big concern. Summer did not bring the hoped for respite; cold and flu season is looming. So, take a deep breath, embrace a marathon mentality and redouble your efforts to maintain good health. The following are ways to bolster your health:

The Flu Shot
A flu vaccine this season could prove more beneficial than in prior seasons. Why? It is possible to become ill with Covid-19 and the seasonal flu at the same time. While a vaccine for Covid-19 may not be available in 2020, there is one for the seasonal flu. …

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As August draws to a close and September begins, there is a subtle shift toward fall. Warm days and cooler nights provide the opportunity to continue enjoying salsas and salads while starting to think about heartier breads and savory herb-rich recipes. Now is the time to encourage your thoughts toward improving your overall mental and physical health. Take the time each day to nurture wellness with delicious, healthy food. This week, we celebrate the stone fruits of summer.

What Is A Stone Fruit?

Stone fruits contain a pit or stone in their center. Varieties include peaches, nectarines, cherries, many berries and even olives. …

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