Connect the Dots, Or die

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I find it hard to remember a time before I could google a definition in 30 seconds, instead of flipping through a dictionary, email my teacher and classmates about homework on one of my multiple email accounts, skype my best friend during her trip to Germany a few summers ago on my cell phone, and wi fi, I am among the growing population of free wifi seekers.

We desperately hope somewhere out there when we’re out and about relying on our precious data that there is a router with no password locking us out so I can refresh my Instagram feed, return snapchats and use imessege again. Wiith access to the internet, us humans are addicted to the online world of infinite possibility. We can’t wait to see what next update will do to our phones, or what app will make our lives so much easier or better in some way, but we don’t know it until we see it.

I am an artist and I know about creating art pieces that are appealing to the eye, because if they’re not no one will want to look at them. I’ve slowly realized artists, designers, engineers, fashion designers, and many other creators of products and services, are doing the same thing, trying to make something someone wants. I try to please myself with my art, but deep inside I know I must target an audience because I can only publish my work in so many places for people to see. I see this technique on a larger scale when I go shopping because I am a young woman who loves to look good.

Different companies are competing to draw my attention to their products and advertise their services in such a way as to convince me I need something they have, and i’ll be willing to spend my money on it. When I make a purchase, of clothes or shoes or beauty products and such, that I think fit my style or will make me appear more beautiful, I am just deciding what I want to consume, I’m participating in globalization.

Our world is more connected now than it had ever been before, on both personal and organizational levels. (Miller, 3) I am able to buy products in outlet stores or food from chain restaurants that also provide their products around the world. This was unheard of before the internet came along.

Thomas Friedman, a columnist at The New York Times, delivered a Keynote Address at the MIT Milestone Celebration in 2008 and in his address, talked about his book titled, The World is Flat. The world being flat is a metaphor for how every mode of technology or recent advancement allows companies, and individuals to collaborate and communicate across the globe, instead of companies or countries creating a vertical hierarchy or power unleveling the playing field. Because the limitations of communication globally have now been enabled, Friedman proposes the possibility of the flat world platform. Our world economy has gone from working vertically, to horizontally, hence a flat world platform. On this platform, everything that can be done, will be done, and its up to individuals to either do it, or let it be done onto them (Friedman). This competition between individuals, parallels to a competition between individuals and their own imagination because in this rapidly advancing world we must all keep up, and compete with ourselves to be the best we individually can be. The greatest economic competition has shifted from different groups, to the potential within individuals and their ability to bring their ideas to life.

Friedman said, “since 911 we’ve fallen and not really gotten up”, and in order to catch up, we much “change or die”(Friedman). Because globalization has drastically changed our worlds economic playing field, systems must adapt and people must adapt to the changes or fall through the cracks into a deep dark hole where no light reaches. Imagination and science has delivered us amazing tools that we must use as weapons to fight our way to first place and its up to us individuals to make sure we know how to use these tools to our advantage.

We are like dots, and unless we collaborate with other dots, were just dots. We must form constellations. Constellations that connect to other constellations infinitely solving problems and making improvements because there is no where to go but forward, and going forward means getting better. Education is the most important thing in my opinion. The green revolution Friedman concludes with in his address will happen when we have enough educated people to make changes happen. Without knowledge of the problem, a desire to change, and the tools to change, there will be no change. We must create the future, by improving and upgrading ourselves, encouraging each other and always connecting the dots.

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