Learning Confidence

It’s mind boggling why humans feel the need to be accepted so strongly that we are prone to making decisions based on what another human overtly thinks. I am susceptible to it just as much as the next person even though I’m extremely stubborn and opinionated.

I acknowledge others are wiser and more intelligent on a variety of different levels so sometimes I seek others opinions when it comes to decision making. I don’t see anything wrong with this to a certain extent but when it comes to examples of group experiments having to do with group think and its effects, I stop and think how complex the brain must be to be both so vulnerable and dogmatic.

We see it everywhere we go, people take in information from other people and make it their own. I read reviews of products, services for example online before making a purchase or taking a chance because I trust what other people before me had to say. I was taught to respect others, especially elders, opinions this from a young age.

When I would go grocery shopping with my parents, I thought I knew what food was good in the grocery store because of the cool packaging or names. I would beg and please because it was colorful and said “tastes great!”, but my mom would tell me it would make me sick, or it wasn’t good for me, but I didn’t care because I had my own reasons that I couldn’t see past. If I got my way with say picking desert for after dinner, I would quickly realize the crème filled, sugar dusted, twice dipped in chocolate ice crème fruit bar treat with the cool packaging was actually not that tasty and the strawberries and whipped crème my mom chose to buy. What my mom told me was usually right, and what she bought be what I would end up begging to eat instead.

When push comes to shove I can stand my ground, but for the most part I take into consideration other opinions because they are valuable. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but we must take it upon ourselves to make educated decisions and have reasons to back up why we are making a certain decision.

When it comes to bigger decisions, like voting for a president, I hope people don’t make choices based on packaging or smooth talk like I did as a child when it came to picking desert. I am new to being an adult and feel the need to do extensive research before picking the candidate I think will be best because unlike my parents or grandparents, I have not lived long enough to experience many different president’s terms, or learned many of the democratic or republican platforms that have developed over time, so I have to be just as inquisitive and aware, if not more inquisitive and aware, to what the candidates are saying and where they stand on issues. I listen and ask many questions because I’m not as experienced, but very fresh to the whole experience and quite lost to be completely honest. But, I am always inquiring, always asking questions and always interested to learn so I can be confident in the decisions I make.

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